Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Yosemite National Park

After our big hike the kids slept in until 7am.  After breakfast and showers we drove back to Yosemite.  Our first stop was Mariposa Grove.  We went on a Ranger guided nature walk.  The kids really enjoyed it and Carter even asked the ranger if he could hold her hand.  My kids are not shy.  We spent an hour driving to our next destination and Carter slept the whole way.  Glacier point  gave us an incredible view of Yosemite Valley.  We also stopped at Bridalveil Falls.  The falls would have been more impressive in the spring when there is more water from the melted snow.  We did do a rock scrabble to a smaller waterfall into a pool of water.  Gavin and Renee were up it in  no time, but Carter and I took our time getting over all the slippery rocks.  Carter kept telling everyone how talented he was in his abilities to climb over the rocks.  He charms people everywhere we go.  We stopped at Yosemite Valley to go to the visitors center and hike to Yosemite Falls.  There wasn’t much water coming down this falls either and Yosemite Valley is packed with people.  It is by far the busiest National Park we have been to.  I had more planned for the day but we just couldn’t fit it in.  We got back to the campground at 8pm and the kids wanted to swim in the creek that runs behind our tent.  It is cold but they had a great time doing it. 

The root of a fallen tree in Mariposa.

Cross section of a sequoia.
Carter holding the hands of the ranger on our guided tour.
Grizzly Giant 

This hole was made for stage coaches to pass through.
Renee in a fire scare. 
I love that they are holding hands. 
View of Half Dome from Glacier Point.
Yosemite Valley

Rock scramble to Bridalveil Falls.
Pool at the bottom of the falls.

Getting sworn in as Yosemite Junior Rangers.
Yosemite Falls
Cliffs surrounding the Yosemite Valley.

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