Sunday, July 15, 2012

Drive to Sequoia National Park

I made the Morgans caramel twists for breakfast before we left.  It took us a little longer to leave Katie’s house than expected.  It was tough gathering all our stuff again.  We left at 11 and drove six hours to get to Sequoia National Park foothill entrance.  We stopped at the Foothills Visitor Center and found out where to visit while we are here.  It was an hour drive up the mountain to our campground.  It was probably the most dangerous road I have ever driven on.  On the way we stopped at hospital rock picnic area.  There are Native American pictographs on a stone and there was a fun path that took us down to the river.  Driving through the giant forest was enchanting.  They giant sequoias are so big that you feel like Alice in Wonderland.  We didn’t stop to get pictures yet because we didn’t get to camp until 7:30pm.  After quickly setting up camp and eating some sandwiches, we went to a ranger presentation about the caves here at Sequoia.  We made our first fire of the trip and made smores.  This is the first place we have been where there wasn’t a burn ban.  

In the foothills of Sequoia

Native American Pictographs

End of Hospital Rock Trail

Trying to get wet.

Yeah for camping with a fire.

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