Monday, July 16, 2012

Sequoia National Park

Gavin was dying to go into Crystal Cave, so we bought tickets and went to the cave.  It is about an hour from our campground and a 15-minute hike to the cave opening.  Carter was all excited until we got in there.  Then he was scared and told the guide he didn’t want her to turn out the lights.  He repeated this to her several times.  Once we had the lights out experience, he did a lot better.  On the hike out the kids were fighting a lot.  I think they are sick of each other.  After listening to primary songs for the forty minute drive to the Giant Forest, they did a lot better.  We hiked the Big Trees Trail and saw the Giant Sequoias.  The Giant Forest has 40 miles of hiking trails.  I wish we had more time to explore them.  We took the shuttle to Moro Rock and climbed 300 feet up more than 400 stairs.  The view was amazing but it made me nervous to have the kids up so high.  The shuttle also took us to Crescent Meadow which was also beautiful.  We passed the Tunnel Log where a fallen sequoia was tunneled through and you can drive you car through it.  Our last stop was to the General Sherman Tree.  It is a short .4 mile hike to the tree, which is the largest tree in the world by mass.  We listened to a ranger presentation while we were there and to our delight a mother black bear with two cubs came within ten feet of the fence.  The cubs were climbing trees and wrestling.  They were adorable.  The ranger scolded us all for getting too close.  There was a lot more I would have liked to do and see here at Sequoia.  We barely scratched the surface of this magnificent park.  Back at camp the kids worked on their junior ranger programs and we had sandwiches again of dinner.  Yes, everyone is sick of them, but we aren’t cooking while camping.  We didn’t have room for more gear. 
Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave

Waterfall near Crystal Cave entrance

Crystal cave is in the mountain behind the kids.

You never know when you will need a head lamp.

Starting out on Big Trees Trail

Crossing a log in front of some sequoias with fire scares.

Roots of a giant sequoia

climbing through a fallen tree

Gavin with a sugar pine tree cone.

Moro Rock Trail

Up really high

Excellent view

Taking rest

On the top of Moro Rock

View from Moro Rock.

Headed back down

In front of Crescent Meadow.

Carter taking a snack break.

The American Black bear with her two cubs that we saw off the path of the General Sherman Tree.

The cubs were so fun to watch.

In front of the General Sherman giant sequoia.  It is the largest tree in the world by mass.

View of the General Sherman behind them.

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