Monday, July 2, 2012

I went from Alycia's house to having Jenne visit.  I'm lucky to have two of my sisters within driving distance.  Jenne got here late on Thursday and left on Monday after she did a news story at Hawaiian Falls in Roanoke (15 minutes for me.)  We visited the Science Museum on Friday and built a tower out of straws and connectors taller that we are.  We had to wait for the other kids to leave so we could get all the straws.  Jenne and I spent all day Saturday shopping.  We found some great sales.  On Sunday we made a Strawberry rhubarb pie after church.  We went swimming on Monday morning.  The kids loved playing with Aunt Nay in the pool.  After Jenne's interview she brought us free tickets to Hawaiian falls! 

Carter's newest trick 

It is amazing that Jenne can lift Carter. 
Lovely Renee

Strawberry Rhubarb

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