Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sibling Fun 12.28.06

Sam says that I regress back to my freshman year of college every time I get together with my old roommate, Joi. I don't know how far back I regress when I get around all my siblings, but here are some examples. We went form trying to take pictures of us doing cheering jumps, to all of us jumping, to let's spell out the letters of our last name (Gampe) while Sam takes pictures from the balcony. Now that they have all gone home and it is just the five of us, my house feels empty. Hopefully Dane will marry Laurel so we can all get together again soon.

Fishing 12.25.06

We have a stocked pond on our street. People often fish there and Gavin sees them as we walk around the pond. He has been asking to go fishing since we moved here in April. Luckily Santa brought him a fishing rod and tackle box. Gavin got to go fishing with his cousin Blake, Dad, and Uncle Nick, and Uncle Dane. He and Blake both caught fish on their first fishing trip!

It's Christmas Time!

It is so much fun to have little children at Christmas time. I love to see their joy and excitement. Gavin, Renée, and Carter had a great Christmas this year. Renée's favorite was a doll stroller that she pushed her Star Bellied Sneetch around in. Gavin loved his cowboy cap guns. Carter didn't tell us what his favorite was, but I am sure he had a fun time too.

Matching Pajamas 12.24.06

My mom loved to dress her children in coordinating clothing. Then she started doing it with her grandchildren. Since the whole family was together for Christmas, she couldn't resist the temptation to put us all in matching pajamas. Where did they all stay? With me of course. Actually my neighbor was out of town and let me use her house for people to sleep in. We only all had to be in my house for one night. It was an incredibly crazy week but it was so much fun to be together again.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Carter's Blessing 12.24.06

Our little Sheppard boy was blessed on Christmas Eve. It was a special occasion because my parents and all of my siblings were able to attend. Sam blessed Carter and our Bishop, my dad, brother, Dane, and brother-in-laws, Nick and Jeff, participated in the circle. Carter wore the same outfit that Gavin and his cousins, Blake and Trey, wore. My mom embroidered his name and blessing date on the sleeve. He sure looks handsome.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Santa! Santa! Santa!

My kids sure love Santa! We have visited him four times this year. Santa has so much magic with Gavin, who is almost four. We sure are excited for Christmas. I hope all of you are enjoying the holidays.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Carter at One Month

I got Carter's one month pictures in the mail today. I thought they turned out really well. He is such a cutie!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Grandma Debbie's visit 12.11.06

Sam's mom came to visit us! She got here on Thursday night and was able to stay until Monday afternoon. The kids were so excited to spend time with their Grandma. We only wish she would have been able to stay a little longer.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Renée is Two 12.03.06

Renée turned two on Sunday! We started the day with a house full of pink balloons and pink streamers hanging from the ceiling. Renée got to pull a sheet off her new play kitchen. She seems to like it and does a lot of pretend eating. Sam made Renée a 2 pancake and even died the 2 pink. Alycia and her kids met us at church so we could have a family party for Renée. After cake and presents, Renée got to spend the rest of the day playing with her cousins.

Snow in TEXAS 11.30.06

Gavin was in heaven playing with Jinx in the snow. The poor boy doesn't realize that this might be all the snow we are going to get this winter. The day before it snowed we were wearing t-shirts outside.

Here We Go

I am trying out the blog thing. I thought it would be a great way to let you know what my little sheep are up to. So here we go. . .