Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Dam, Jill, and a 12 hour drive

We planned to leave Salem at 8am and got out the door at 8:30, which wasn't too bad for us.  We booked a hotel in Blackfoot, Idaho which was 12 hours away.  Since Sam was with us we had all kids in the middle row.  (The back was filled with our gear.)  Gavin and Carter were wrestling and squealing most of the way.  We made an unplanned stop at the Bonneville Dam because Renee had to go to the bathroom.  We toured the visitors center and in the basement there were windows to the fish ladder, where we saw salmon.  The dam was really cool too.  The drive next to the Columbia River was beautiful.  It was interesting to watch the the forest become mountains and dessert.  We met my friend Jill in Hermiston, OR.  (We lived together at BYU.) She lives two hours north but drove down to meet us on our drive east.  We had lunch together and took some photos.  After lunch we still had eight hours to go.  We also lost an hour changing time zones and didn't get to our hotel until 11:30pm.
In front of the Bonneville Dam in Oregon
Fish Ladder 
Dam Turbine

The kids and Jill
Sam, me and Jill

Monday, July 30, 2012

Shooting stuff in the woods somewhere near Kings Valley, OR

We went to see brave today with Maren while Sam’s parents were at work.  After Charlie got home we drove out to Kings Valley and gathered some garbage to shoot at.  It was good old fashion redneck fun.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Family Get Together

Cathie and Jerry (Sam's aunt and uncle) came down from Kent, WA to visit us.  Scott and Paige also came down from Portland to join us.  We had a great time visiting.  Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures.  Sam stayed up with his younger siblings until 2am.  I was out by midnight.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hiking at Silver Falls

Sam flew in to Portland at 3am.  I slept at Scott and Paige's house so I wouldn't have to drive as far.  We slept in until 10am but were still really tired.  The kids were so excited to see Sam.

We did a two-mile family hike at Silver Falls.  It was a really pretty hike past two waterfalls.  We also made a fire in the backyard to roast marshmallows and starbursts.  Charlie lit it with a blowtorch that the kids were so impressed with.  Sam also played the guitar for us.  It was a fun day.

Since he couldn't hold Grandma's hand

Gavin's reaction to the blowtorch

Gavin's turn

Renee's turn

Sam's turn

Maren roasting a starburst

Friday, July 27, 2012

Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum

We got into this museum for free too.  It is home of the Spruce Goose.  Gavin, Charlie, and Carter were a lot more excited to be there than Renee and I.  I brought a book to read while they played.

Spruce Goose

Carter will hold anyones hand