Saturday, July 14, 2012

Las Vegas

Katie planned a packed full day of fun Las Vegas things to do.  We started at Bass Pro to see the aquariums.  They usually have mermaids, but I guess there is a fungus in the tank so we just got to see the fish today.  Gavin’s life long dream was to see the Luxor hotel, so we walked around the hotel and even took a ride in the elevator.  He was beyond excited.  While trying to get a group picture, Carter and Renee were fighting over where they were standing.  Renee sat down to pout and Carter was kicking her in the butt.  All the while, they were both screaming and crying.  We ate fast food in the hotel and I spent a fortune to get the kids hot dogs.  We stopped at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign to get a picture and Carter was throwing a major fit.  He was mad because I wouldn’t let him bring a plastic fork out of the car.  Katie gave me a tour of her new house.  (She moves in two weeks from now.)  They have a pool there so we spent the afternoon swimming.  Everyone got along and there wasn’t fighting during that event.  Gavin did jump off the very back of their waterfall after I told him not to.  When I made him get out and get in time out I asked him if he knew why he was there he said, “Yes, but it was worth it.”  He can be so mischievous.  We all went out for pizza and then visited the Bellagio where we saw their garden, the Chihuly chandelier, and their water spray show.  All were very beautiful.   It was been so much fun to see Katie again.  I have been spoiled to see her twice in one year.

Mia, Renee, and George playing tea party.
At Bass Pro with the giraffe 
Looking at the fish
Mia and Gavin in the tent.
At the Luxor
Luxor meltdown (captured by Katie)
From the 27th floor of the Luxor 
Shadow puppets at the Luxor,

Outside of the Luxor
The most expensive hot dog we ever bought.
Not exactly the photo I had in mind. 
Gavin and Mia flying high. 

Having fun in Katie's new pool.

Carter helping Katie's workers sand the cabinets. 
Bellagio botanical garden 

Chihuly Chandelier
In front of The Paris.
Bellagio Fountain Show

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I'm suddenly very home sick for Vegas.