Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jellies at Ross

I was shopping at Ross and the thing about shopping at Ross is that it is hard core shopping. They don’t arrange their shoes according to the size even though they have size signs. You have to go up and down every shoe isle until something catches your eye and then you have to hope that the shoes are in your size. You think that the disorganization would deter me from shopping there, but I love it. These jellies were one of my finds and as soon as I saw them it brought me back to first grade when I had a pair of clear jellies with lace in theme. Fancy, I know! They were only $2.99 and I couldn’t resist. I haven’t actually worn them yet, but every time I look at them sitting on my shoe shelf, I smile.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Put on Some Clothes!

Renée and Gavin have been watching Eragon over and over and over again. Because of this, Renée has developed a new love for dragons. I guess her dragon got cold and she didn’t have any other clothes to help her dragon warm up.

No, I did not pose Renée like this. She made up this outfit all on her own, a Superman cape and nothing else. She reminds me of Edita on Dancing with the Stars. The girl never wears clothes! Of course if I had Edita’s body, I wouldn’t wear clothes either.

Ready, Get Set, Sew!

JoAnn’s had a great sale on fabric this past weekend, so this week I have been busy sewing. I made valances for the kitchen, throw pillows for the family room and formal living room, and I altered my bedroom draperies to touch the floor. I added the red stripe at the bottom. After making my bedroom draperies I hung them all up and one of them was too long. I ripped out the seam and pinned it in place a quarter of an inch shorter. It was still too long. Then I tried a half an inch shorter and it was still too long. Alycia mentioned that I might want to measure the purple part that I bought at IKEA. That was it. One of the draperies was an inch and a half longer than the other three. Don’t you hate it when your project takes twice as long as you originally intended? I am happy with how everything turned out. It was really fun to find and match fabrics.

Our Decorator 5.27.08

While I was busy sewing pillows, Gavin was busy adding art to my bedroom walls. When he got up the next morning and the fan had blown some of them off the walls, he wasn’t discouraged. He just moved them all to the formal dinning room.

Eve or Snow White?

We are trying to teach our kids the articles of faith (13 key point of religious doctrine.) We are working on number two, “We believe that men must be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam’s transgression.” Anyway I asked Gavin why Eve ate the fruit. His reply was, “No Snow White ate the apple. She CHOSE to eat a poison apple.” Why didn’t Disney animate the Bible stories?


We got season passes to our local water park, NRH2O. We went on Memorial Day and on Friday. Sam has off every other Friday, so it was nice to go when the park wasn’t too crowded. The pictures are from Friday, May 29th. Alycia and her family got passes too, so we usually meet at the park. Gavin and Renée love it there and even love going down the big waterslides. Carter is getting used to the idea of playing in the water. Toward the end of our trip, he went in up to his ankles. The nicest thing about have the season passes is that we don’t have to do a marathon trip. We can just stay two or three hours and come back the next day if we want.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


We are back in the picture business. I got the camera about two weeks ago but I got caught in another novel, The Other Boleyn Girl, and haven’t gotten around to posting. Great book by the way.

Here is my landscaping. It is doing well so far which is more than I can say about our vegetable and herb garden. I put in the rocks, mulch, rose bush, begonias, and salvia. I really like how it turned out so hopefully it will survive the summer.

Pool Time

We have a community pool at our new neighborhood and we have already spent a lot of time there. Gavin is a fish and loves the water. Renée swims with a life jacket but mostly she waters the plants with her watering can that is in the shape of a pink duck. Carter does not like the pool and wants me to hold him the whole time we are there. Alycia and her kids come with us frequently and I run into people from my church there all the time. It has been fun.

Molten Cakes 5.18.08

Do you ever have a day when you just have to have a chocolate molten cake? Well last Sunday was one of those days. We usually eat them with vanilla ice cream but fresh strawberries were wonderful with it. I think my kids enjoyed them. If you want the recipe you can like to my recipe blog on the left side.

Ice Cream 5.7.08

We are a family of ice cream lovers and last Saturday we went to Sheridan's to enjoy their famous frozen custard. MMMMMM it was good and messy!

Carter and Corn 5.16.08

I love fresh fruit and vegetable season. I also think it is the cutest thing when my baby eats corn on the cob. Carter had no problem figuring out what to do and does pretty well eating his corn with those little teeth.

Carter will be 20 months old on May 28th. It is hard for me to believe, partly because he doesn’t look a day over 12 months. Carter is doing a lot better though. Since his surgery in January he as learned to talk, walk, and demonstrate comprehension. Carter will try to mimic most words and uses a few words in context. He also will follow simple instructions. We continue to work with Early Childhood Intervention but I think that he will eventually catch up now that he can breath and hear.

Carter loves his Dad and usually demands that Sam holds him as soon as he gets home. He plays with Gavin, Renée, and Jinx but is now to the point where he throws a fit if they take something from him. He doesn’t see a problem with taking toys from other kids, especially at nursery. He doesn’t like nursery at church. Sam hasn’t been able to leave him yet. Carter plays really well by himself and he will often disappear to go upstairs and play in the toyroom. He really is a sweet little guy and we are so blessed to have him in our family.

Friday, May 16, 2008

New Hair

I decided to try out another hair style. I really like it and even ordered a hair straightener. I was sick of dealing with the curls and wanted bangs.