Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Emma Won!

Thanks you for voting. Emma won her tickets!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

For Emma

My sister in law is trying to win concert tickets for her daughter Emma. Please vote for their dog Bacia. Thanks

Sunday, July 15, 2007

One CRAZY weekend!

My sister's 7th anniversary was on Friday, so I volunteered to watch her three children so she could surprise her husband with a weekend getaway to San Antonio. Sam and I survived it but it sure was crazy. Here are the kids at the pool, luckily was had nice weather. I also included another pictures of Carter because he is so adorable!

Frisco Safety Town

On Thursday I took my cub scout to Frisco Safety Town, which is part of the fire department. We learned about fire safety, so no candles or fireworks! After the lesson the kids got to drive a jeep around a miniature town. It was so cute that I just ran around taking pictures of them. I also had to help Gavin steer. It had replicas of buildings in Frisco, working street lights, and sidewalks. I loved it.!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Take my picture!

I was getting the camera to load pictures on the computer when Gavin asked me to take his picture. Even though he is covered in ice cream, I thought they turned out pretty cute. He is also wearing my soccer shirt from when I was in kinder garden. I was telling someone about it while he was wearing it and afterwards he asked me, "Mom, when were you a little boy?" Gavin sure is a funny kid.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I am not really sure you can call what Carter is doing crawling. He has no trouble getting around. I frequently have to rescue him from underneath the ottoman.
Carter is also working on growing his third tooth. You can see it here in his adorable grin.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Waterpark Fun

We spent almost eight hours at a water park in North Richland Hills, with my sister and her family. We were celebrating Blake's fifth birthday. We actually came to this park two years ago to celebrate Blake's third birthday, when we were visiting from Maryland. Anyway, the kids loved the water park. Gavin and Blake went on a ton of water slides. Alycia and I took Carter, Rene'e, Sydney, and Trey down the lazy river. We were each on a double tube. Strangers had to help us get into our tubes and we just kept going around until Sam and Nick came back and got us out. Gavin loved the wave pool. Rene'e actually fell asleep sitting on my lap in a tube in the wave pool. She must have been very tired. It was a great day.
When we got back to Alycia's we had dinner and Blake threw up. He did the same thing two years ago! We had him blow out the candles on his cake anyway because the rest of the kids wanted their cake. Sam and I didn't get back to our house until after 10. Rene'e threw up at 2am, but hasn't been sick since. I guess the kids drank too much pool water.

The 4th of July

We started our celebration with our ward (church) breakfast. Our congregation is so large that we can no longer have activities at the church, so we had our breakfast at a park. We had a fun time, despite having to be there at 8:30 am.

Next we drove down to my sister, Alycia's house in Fort Worth. We went swimming, grilled up some brats, and went to see fire works. We dressed up the kids in their matching outfits, but they wouldn't pose for a picture. This was the best I was able to get.

We entertain the kids with a game of sorry while waiting for the firework. Alycia and I then had a cherry pit spitting contest. Alycia was the clear winner.
The kids enjoyed the fireworks but were pretty tired and cranky on the traffic packed drive back to Alycia's where we spent the night. The kids and I actually stayed until Saturday night.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

July 1, 2007

I took this right before church. They actually both smiled in the same shot, so I had to post it.

The Pool...Finally!

It has been raining for a week. I am sure some of you have seen the news about Texas flooding. We aren't flooded or anything but the rain is seriously effecting our pool time. We had a little bit of sun on Saturday so we quickly got on our suits and headed for the pool.

Rene'e has a hot pink water pail that is in the shape of a duck. She loves it and spends most of her pool t
ime watering. Gavin loves to swim and jump off the side of the pool. He is getting braver with how far he is willing to swim now. Both Gavin and Rene'e love to hang on their dad while he is swimming. Carter likes to be held at the pool. He was content to sit in the stroller for a little while. We tried out his floaty again and he did really well this time. Usually he doesn't like it.

Going to the Dentist

Gavin went to the dentist for the first time on Thursday. It was just him and I. Gavin went first because he was so excited. He did a great job of keeping his mouth open. He asked a ton of questions and loved all the dental tools. When it was my turn he was lose in a dentist office. I couldn't even yell at him because I had tools in my mouth. At one point Gavin was up on top of me, with his new toothbrush, scrubbing my legs. Next time I will take my turn on a different day. Here is Gavin brushing his teeth with his old and new toothbrush.

Summer Jinx

This is summer Jinx. He is already on his second hair cut this summer. Jinx is a golden doodle who's hair gets really long and curly. To survive in Texas, Jinx needs to be trimmed in the summer. Sam bought nice clippers and does the job himself. After Jinx got his first summer cut my friend came over and asked if I got a new dog.

Nine Months

Our baby is already nine months old. Right now he is sitting up. He gets around by getting up on his hands and knees, sometimes feet, and flopping forward. His bottom front teeth are in and he has a top tooth that is just starting to poke through. He eats baby food, cereal, and is still nursing. He hasn't said any words yet but he has the cutest giggle. Carter is a wonderful baby who is content most of the time. We are really blessed to have him as part of our family.