Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sweet Dreams

I checked on the kids before going to bed and this is where I found them.

Oscar Party

I hosted an Oscar viewing party this year. Yummy food, great friends, and my crappy TV made for a fun evening. We made our predictions before it started. Rachel won the prize for the most correct!
Rachel, Michelle, Susan, Marci, Lindsey, and me

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sophia Bigler Memorial 10K

One of the men in my running group lost his daughter last year around this time. In honor of her memory we participated in the Cowtown 10K, which took us right past where she is buried. We sported our hot pink and I was able to PR with a time of 50:55.
Nick, Tim, Mark, Lindsey, me, and Alycia before the race.
Lee and I
Almost to the finish line (I got to hot in my hat)
After the race

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


"Renee & I are in the same PE class" - Sydney.
"I pee outside" - Carter

Monday, February 21, 2011

Flower Power

He actually asked me to take his picture like this.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I spoke at church today which makes me really nervous. I always struggle to fill my allotted time so I have never experienced going over. I got going and talked so long that Sam was asked to speak another week. Alycia motioned for me to look at the time and it was so late that it startled me and I got all flustered. This is why I am a better teacher than a public speaker.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gavin and I got to see the BYU vs. TCU basketball game. Sam was working so I got a babysitter for Carter and Renée. We aren’t huge basketball fans but we love BYU and wanted to cheer on the cougars. TCU sold out the stadium for the first time since 2004. The fans were at lease 50% cougars. Gavin got a little bored toward the end and I let him play with my itouch so I could enjoy the game. BYU dominated and won the game!
Before the game started

end of the game with the Angerbauer boys

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fake Valentines Day

Sam and I usually celebrate Valentine’s Day the weekend after the 14th. That way there is no confusion as to which gift is for my birthday and which gift is for Valentine’s Day. We also get to buy our chocolates 50% off and the restaurants are not as crowded. This year we went to Texas de Brazil. The food was incredible as always. After dinner we went to a Mixed Repertoire by the Texas Ballet Theater. The last ballet we went to was in Milan, so this didn’t compare, but we still had a great time.
On the Balcony at Bass Hall
Sam and the city

View from the balcony

Inside of Bass Hall, you can see that we opted for the cheap seats.

Bass Hall ceiling

Me and Sam before the ballet

Sam playing with the camera

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

I had a fantastic birthday. I started the day with a 32 pancake that Sam made me. After the kids were off to school Alycia picked up Carter and I went and had a message. 75 minutes of fabulous. Alycia and I met at Panera for lunch and then went shopping at Ross. I treated myself to a pair of leopard print shoes. After Sam came home from work we enjoyed dinner at Tuscany. It is a local restaurant that wasn’t too crazy. My cake came from Tom Thumb. I was going to get cupcakes from What’s Up Cupcake, but they ran out of cupcakes. Sam helped the kids get me presents from the dollar store. They gave me two nail polishes and a hair brush. Sam got me some art supplies. I really had a wonderful birthday.
Making my special pancake.  Isn't he sweet.

me in all my morning glory.

My 32 pancake

Gifts and cards from my friends and family - THANK YOU -  Lindsey made me the adorable birthday banner

I had the baker add my name.  Doesn't everyone love to see their name on a cake?

My birthday shoes.  I probably should have painted my nails before Sam took this photo.

Lighting my candles with a torch.  It doesn't work very well.

Making my wish

Gifts from my kids.

Do I look like an artist?

Be Mine

He are my valentines eating their valentine’s day treat.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


I helped my kids make these valentines for their friends this year. Unfortunately, Jinx, our dog, ate 19 of Gavin’s the day before he had to take them to school. He ripped up the paper and ate the foil wrapped white chocolate inside. Then he threw up the foil on the carpet. I got to remake them after church and Gavin got to re-stamp. We had grilled cheese for dinner.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birthday Dinner

My sweet friend, Maryn, organized a birthday dinner for me at Tuscany. She had it the Thursday before my birthday and Lindsey brought yummy cake for us all. Thanks for making me feel so loved.
Sue, Michelle, Lindsey, and Jess

Amanda, Wendy, Jen, Susan, and Maryn

Me and Michalann

Jen took this of us all.  I guess this was the only way she could fit us all in.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Heart Cookies

My mom would make these cookies for Alycia and me to take to school on our birthdays. We were so proud and loved them. My birthday is on Valentine’s Day and Alycia’s is on the 10th so the shape was very fitting. My mom gave me the cookie cutter at Christmas so I made some for my kids. I really don’t know how my mom found the time to decorate forty cookies for us to take to school. I decorated 20 and it took forever. Thanks mom. I love you.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gavin's Baptism

Gavin was baptized by Sam at our stake youth baptism. We are so proud of him and the decision he made to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There were three other children being baptized that day and the whole thing almost didn’t happen because of the weather. A pipe froze at the church building where he was supposed to be baptized. After the date and time were changed several times, Gavin was able to get baptized at 2pm at the stake center. He picked Uncle Nick and Brother Angerbauer to be his witnesses. During the confirmation I was watching Carter and had my eyes open. Gavin looked at me, gave me a big smile and a thumbs up. This wasn’t afterwards, this was right in the middle of it. Most kids reverently close their eyes, not Gavin. He always has me laughing. After the baptism everyone came back to our house for a luncheon. The Nelsons, Angerbauers, Thurmans, Sparks, Sherers, Smiths, Van Osdells, Collingwoods, and Trefethens came to support Gavin.
The next day when Grandma Debbie was asking Gavin about his baptism the first thing he told her was, “My mom and dad forgot to buy me white underwear, so I just didn’t wear any.”

Friday, February 4, 2011

Surprise! Alycia is 30

Alycia and Nick were going to be in Utah for her 30th birthday. Nick wanted to do something special for her, so Amanda and I helped him throw her a surprise party. The winter fiesta was supposed to be at the Nelson’s house. We were going to have fire pits with stuff to make smores but the weather changed our plans a bit. First of all, we couldn’t get Alycia out of the house with bad roads and cancelled school. Second of all, Nick invited everyone we know so we were worried about space. So, on Thursday night we moved the party over here and got started on the decorations. I had been painted like a mad woman all day Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to get my formals and entry way finished so I had to do almost all the party stuff on Thursday night and Friday. Lindsey was a lifesaver and came over to help me decorate and set up. Friday was busy but we pulled everything together and there were about 50 people here to surprise Alycia. After the surprise, Sam took our kids and the Nelson kids back to the Nelson’s to be babysat.
At the party we had a Café Rio style taco bar and a salsa bar. I made 12 lbs of pork and there wasn’t an ounce left over. Nick filled a piñata with Mexican candy that took quite the beating before finally giving up the goods. Unfortunately, Mexican candy isn’t that great. We had tons of red velvet cake and ate all but some of the bottom layer. The green screen was a hit. Everyone had a fun time getting crazy photos. It was so much fun to surprise Alycia. Thanks to all of you who came and helped make this all possible.

I made her red velvet with cream cheese frosting.

Nick made this sign and you can see that I haven't painted the gameroom yet.

Lindsey and I made the tissue paper balls and I bought the inflatable chili peppers.

Me getting something ready.

Waiting for Alycia to get here.  You can see our taco bar.

Gavin was on the lookout.

Nick brought this HUGE pinata.   

Surprise!  She really had no idea.

A house full of people.  I think there were close to 50 people that came out to show their love.

Prize for the best dressed.

A birthday girl needs a birthday crown.

She got 29 out of 30 blown out.

Marci joining in the Pinata fun.

We are waiting for someone to break open the pinata.  Too bad it was filled with Mexican candy, thanks to Nick.

Kelli broke it a little.

Zach ran a green screen that transported us to a tropical paradise. 

The birthday girl in the new coat I got her.  Happy Birthday little sister!