Friday, February 4, 2011

Surprise! Alycia is 30

Alycia and Nick were going to be in Utah for her 30th birthday. Nick wanted to do something special for her, so Amanda and I helped him throw her a surprise party. The winter fiesta was supposed to be at the Nelson’s house. We were going to have fire pits with stuff to make smores but the weather changed our plans a bit. First of all, we couldn’t get Alycia out of the house with bad roads and cancelled school. Second of all, Nick invited everyone we know so we were worried about space. So, on Thursday night we moved the party over here and got started on the decorations. I had been painted like a mad woman all day Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to get my formals and entry way finished so I had to do almost all the party stuff on Thursday night and Friday. Lindsey was a lifesaver and came over to help me decorate and set up. Friday was busy but we pulled everything together and there were about 50 people here to surprise Alycia. After the surprise, Sam took our kids and the Nelson kids back to the Nelson’s to be babysat.
At the party we had a Café Rio style taco bar and a salsa bar. I made 12 lbs of pork and there wasn’t an ounce left over. Nick filled a piñata with Mexican candy that took quite the beating before finally giving up the goods. Unfortunately, Mexican candy isn’t that great. We had tons of red velvet cake and ate all but some of the bottom layer. The green screen was a hit. Everyone had a fun time getting crazy photos. It was so much fun to surprise Alycia. Thanks to all of you who came and helped make this all possible.

I made her red velvet with cream cheese frosting.

Nick made this sign and you can see that I haven't painted the gameroom yet.

Lindsey and I made the tissue paper balls and I bought the inflatable chili peppers.

Me getting something ready.

Waiting for Alycia to get here.  You can see our taco bar.

Gavin was on the lookout.

Nick brought this HUGE pinata.   

Surprise!  She really had no idea.

A house full of people.  I think there were close to 50 people that came out to show their love.

Prize for the best dressed.

A birthday girl needs a birthday crown.

She got 29 out of 30 blown out.

Marci joining in the Pinata fun.

We are waiting for someone to break open the pinata.  Too bad it was filled with Mexican candy, thanks to Nick.

Kelli broke it a little.

Zach ran a green screen that transported us to a tropical paradise. 

The birthday girl in the new coat I got her.  Happy Birthday little sister!


russ katie mia & george said...

i love how you keep doggin' nick for getting mexican candy! it must have been REALLY bad! haha. this looks like SO much fun! your family sure knows how to PARTY! happy birthday, alycia! now where are the pictures of your new paint!?!

gretchen said...

That cake looks too good to eat!

Jacalyn said...

Looks like a great party! Great food, lots of people, fun decorations & a beautiful cake. You're an awesome sister!