Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

I had a fantastic birthday. I started the day with a 32 pancake that Sam made me. After the kids were off to school Alycia picked up Carter and I went and had a message. 75 minutes of fabulous. Alycia and I met at Panera for lunch and then went shopping at Ross. I treated myself to a pair of leopard print shoes. After Sam came home from work we enjoyed dinner at Tuscany. It is a local restaurant that wasn’t too crazy. My cake came from Tom Thumb. I was going to get cupcakes from What’s Up Cupcake, but they ran out of cupcakes. Sam helped the kids get me presents from the dollar store. They gave me two nail polishes and a hair brush. Sam got me some art supplies. I really had a wonderful birthday.
Making my special pancake.  Isn't he sweet.

me in all my morning glory.

My 32 pancake

Gifts and cards from my friends and family - THANK YOU -  Lindsey made me the adorable birthday banner

I had the baker add my name.  Doesn't everyone love to see their name on a cake?

My birthday shoes.  I probably should have painted my nails before Sam took this photo.

Lighting my candles with a torch.  It doesn't work very well.

Making my wish

Gifts from my kids.

Do I look like an artist?

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Russ said...

sounds like you'll be doing a lot of painting...fingernails & toenails AND canvases! i can't wait to see what you create. and i LOVE your new sassy shoes...grrr! i just realized that i never called you on your only excuse is post pardum! i hope you know that i {heart} u! i'm glad you had a wonderful birthday!