Monday, April 30, 2007

Trip to Tucson

We took a family trip to Tucson from April 7th to the 15th curtsy of Sam's work. He had to do some tests and I took the opportunity to stay with my college roommate, Joi. While we were there we visited Mexico where we bought a lot of vanilla and toys for the kids. We took two double strollers and didn't let the kids out at all. I didn't want to lose my little blond kids. Joi's daughter Ava turned one while were visiting so we went to the zoo to celebrate. My kids really enjoyed themselves. Jill, another roommate from college who lives in Phoenix, came down to visit while we were there. It was fun for the three of us to be together again. Too bad Jasmine wasn't there.
Carter got his first tooth. Gavin dropped a brick on his toe the first day we were there and his toenail fell off. Rene'e was her usual snarlly self. Sam's flight test went well. I got to scrapbook with Joi and we even got out to get pedicures. We also got to visit Sue Shumway who I was friends with in MD, who now lives in Tucson. Even though the drive to AZ was a long one, it was worth it. It was a wonderful little vacation.


We spent Easter in Tucson, AZ this year. Sam had to do a test flight so we all decided to go so we could visit my college roommate, Joi. Luckily the Easter Bunny still found us. Here is Gavin with his chocolate bunny, which he ate for breakfast.
Gavin and Rene'e were thrilled with their Easter buckets.Rene'e sure loves to eat chocolate.Carter didn't get his own bucket this year but he stole the plastic bunny out of Ava's, Joi's daughter."Look at all these baskets!"Our family on Easter.
Tiffany & Joi
I have taken all of my kids pictures as babies in bunny ears. I just think it is the cutes thing and Carter was no exception.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Trip to see Les Misérables

My sisters, Jenne' and Kendra were in the school production of Les Miserable. Alyica and I flew to PA, with our babies, to see them. Jenne' and Kendra were wonderful! It was so fun to get away and enjoy some time with my family. We missed Brielle though.