Saturday, June 29, 2013


It was an eight hour drive to Chicago from Lake Owen. We stayed at the Hilton Double Tree right downtown. The kids kept saying how fancy it was. On our first day there we walked to the Willis Tower (previously called the Sears Tower). The view was incredible, especially on the glass deck.  We also visited the Buckingham Fountain and the Cloud Gate while walking through the parks. We ate deep dish pizza at Giordano's that tasted even better than I imagined.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last Day At Lake Owen

On our last day at Lake Owen we visited the little town of Hayward. The town is lovely with cute little shops. Our favorite shop was Trembley's Sweet Shop. We bought homemade chocolates that were so wonderful.
We spent the rest of the day on the lake. Renee was waterskiing and stayed up for six minutes. The rest of the kids went tubing. We are so glad we got to spend time with the Nelsons in such a beautiful place. 

So excited that she was water skiing

Blake, Renee, Gavin, and Carter

Blake and Renee switched tubes while riding.  They are the daring ones.

Blake and Renee wild tubing.

All six ready to tube.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Museum School

The little science museum in Cable, WI has a two hour class that the kids can go to. We sent all six kids and they had a great time. While the kids were there, Alycia and I toured the little shops in town, grocery shopped, and had dessert at a cafe for the free Internet.
We spent the rest of the day playing in the water or boating. I went kayaking with Gavin and Renee separately. It is fun to do when the water is too cold for swimming. 
This evening I took the Nelson's family photos. They would have gone better if a fire truck didn't come by to suck up lake water for their truck. Trey was really distracted. 
I am enjoying the slow pace lake life where no one cares if I am wearing make up. I also love the accents up here. 

Trying to skip rocks.

Sydney caught tons of fish with just a net.

Taking some videos of the tubing,

Blake and Renee going wild.

My favorite way to relax.

Kayaking with Gavin.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Lake Owen

Alycia has been coming here for fourteen years to vacation. She has been trying to get me to come for years, but it was the marathon that finally got me here. The lake is beautiful, surrounded my thick forests, and it is in a remote part of Wisconsin. It is not easy to get here. The closest airport is three hours away and there are only small towns on the way. For the past two days we have been relaxing on the lake.  The kids are swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, and playing in the sand. In the boat they have gone tubing and Renee was water skiing today. The water is crystal clear but it is way too cold for me. I did paddle board and kayak, but with temps in the 60s, it is too cold for my Texas blood. Alycia and I have mostly been reading on a float or in the boat. This is just what I needed after several stressful months.
We went to church in Hayward. They have a tiny branch with maybe 30 people. The kids tripled the size of the primary. They only have two hours of church, which was really nice. The stake high council speaker talked to the kids in sacrament meeting, telling them how wonderful it was that they have obedient parents that take them to church on vacation. It made us feel good for coming even though Alycia and I are really sore. 
The soreness from the race is getting a little better each day. A blister I had under my toenail, was causing me the most discomfort until I popped it. I am glad I have time to unwind here before I head to busier places.