Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Museum School

The little science museum in Cable, WI has a two hour class that the kids can go to. We sent all six kids and they had a great time. While the kids were there, Alycia and I toured the little shops in town, grocery shopped, and had dessert at a cafe for the free Internet.
We spent the rest of the day playing in the water or boating. I went kayaking with Gavin and Renee separately. It is fun to do when the water is too cold for swimming. 
This evening I took the Nelson's family photos. They would have gone better if a fire truck didn't come by to suck up lake water for their truck. Trey was really distracted. 
I am enjoying the slow pace lake life where no one cares if I am wearing make up. I also love the accents up here. 

Trying to skip rocks.

Sydney caught tons of fish with just a net.

Taking some videos of the tubing,

Blake and Renee going wild.

My favorite way to relax.

Kayaking with Gavin.

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