Thursday, June 20, 2013

Driving to Minnesota

Day two of the trip was an eleven hour drive to Minnesota , caravanning with the Nelsons. We were up at 5:30 and on the road by 6:30. After the first leg of the trip we divided into the cars by gender. Nick had all four boys and Alycia and I only had Syd and Renee. Besides Renee constantly putting her feet on my headrest, I think we got the better deal. Besides gas stops and lunch at Wendy's, we just drove and drove. There is surprisingly little between Oklahoma and Minnesota, just field after field.
I stopped north of Minneapolis to stay the night with Tiffany and Jason Moses. They lived near us in Frisco and now they live in Minnesota. The kids are having a great time together playing. They have a six year old, blonde, Carter too. 

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