Monday, November 26, 2007

New House

We got good news on our D.R. Horton house. Their sales woman is not going to market our house because she has two others of the same floor plan. She told our realtor just to let her know when our house sells and we will set a date for closing.

Update on House

Our buyers were not able to sell their house and they were not able to meet our lease to own requirements, so we will not be moving in December. We are hoping to find another buyer or have the previous buyers sell their house. My realtor is talking to D.R. Horton about the house we had under contract, so I am not sure what will happen with that. We are under contingent contract, so we won't lose our earnest money.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Buyer Backout

The buyers for our house are backing out. They had a contingent contract which we accepted because we thought that a relocation company was going to buy there house. The relocation company decided not to buy there house, so the buyer cannot buy our home. They lowered the price by $20,000 to try to sell before closing and want to look at a lease to own but nothing is for sure right now. Our house is now back on the market. Luckily Sam has off on Friday and can help me get ready for showings again. We are really disappointed and hope that we are still able to buy our house in Fort Worth.

On a positive note, Sam likes his new job. He has an hour and a half commute each way, but the work is interesting to him.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Camera Surprises

Because of all the packing, I haven't been taking too many pictures. I took my camera to my sister's on Sunday, to upload some pictures onto the blog and I found the two of Rene'e and Gavin on the camera. I guess Sam couldn't resist when he went in to check on them before going to bed. I took the one of Carter. He had a great time playing in the toy box.

The packing is going well. Alycia came up to help me this week. It is going a lot faster since I got rid of so much when we left Maryland. We have only been here for 18 months, so we haven't aquired too much junk.

We went to our new ward on Sunday to scout out some moving help. It is a big ward that has a lot of people our age. There are also a lot of families that live in our neighborhood. It is always hard to start fresh in a new ward, but I am sure we will be really happy there.

Carter learned to clap. Sam starts his new job tomorrow. Gavin is still enjoying his twice a week preschool. Rene'e still carries her stuffed tigger everywhere. I just finished the last Harry Potter. I know I am really behind the rest of you but I have been really busy the last few months and Joi made me read Stephenie Meyers books first, which are really good. Vampires. Who would have thought. Anyway. Until I find another moment, I hope all is well.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Last Game for the Tanks

Gavin's last game of the season did not start off very well. He was messing with the lock on the stroller and cut him finger pretty bad. He was bleeding and crying, so he didn't play the first half. He was still pretty sad when he went in the game but his attitude changed quickly when he scored his very first goal. I took the above picture right after he scored. We were really proud of him and he is still talking about his goal.

Soccer Party

Gavin's end of season soccer party was on Thursday. We had a BBQ at the team mom's house. I made the cake. As you can tell from the picture, Gavin was thrilled to get a trophy.


I took the kids Trick-or-Treating this year. Gavin and Rene'e were so excited. They were running from house to house. Carter was content, for the hour we were out, sitting in the stroller. Carter experienced fun sized candy bars for the first time and loved them! Rene'e was thrilled to get so much candy. Gavin even got some black goo from our next door neighbors. I got bit by a neighborhood dog. I don't think I made out as well as the kids.

Friday, November 2, 2007

39 Days

We move in 39 days! Gavin wanted to know so I counted for him and now I am all stressed out about packing up this whole house. At least I am not pregnant this time.