Sunday, March 30, 2008

Slurpy Carter

I guess Carter was still thirsty.

Our Ingredients

Gavin and Renée filled the counter with “ingredients” for their “recipe.” Gavin insisted that Sam make breakfast out of the ingredients which even included Doritos. Luckily Sam didn’t have to use all the ingredients, so we just had oatmeal.

Grandma Debbie Visits

Sam’s mom was able to come and see us on March 29th. On Saturday we drove to Austin to see Chris, Tera, and their family. The drive is 2 ½ hours, which wasn’t too bad. We all had a nice visit. Sam and I got to play guitar hero for the first time. I beat Sam in our composition, so I now have bragging rights. Gavin and Renée idolize their cousin, Bennett, and followed him around the whole time we were there. Carter and Cooper are the same size, Cooper is probably a little bigger, even though Carter is six months older. Tera made us a nice dinner and we all enjoyed catching up. We got home around 11pm, thank goodness for 2pm church.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Master

This was my last room to photograph. I just got the draperies up and realized that they aren’t long enough. I will eventually add a stripe of another fabric on the bottom, but for now, they will do. We love our new bathroom with all the cabinets. I didn’t know how to get a good angle in the bathroom, so I just took a lot of photos.

The Gameroom

The house is officially unpacked! The gameroom was my last big project but it is now complete. The gameroom is for Sam and I because the kids have the media room. Sam built me a scrapbook/art desk, since my last one was installed in our guest room closet and stayed with the house. I love it and even have enough space for Alycia and her stuff. The gameroom is also used as a computer room and Sam will be setting up his weight bench in here.

Family Room Drapes 3.25.08

I bought this fabric a year ago for my Frisco house and right after I bought it Sam was offered the job in Fort Worth. I decided to just keep the fabric and have been excited to have draperies in this house. I started these draperies on Monday night. I thought, “How hard could it be? It is only a rectangle.” I made the first panel and hung it up on the rings and figured out that it needed to be pleated. Then I had to figure out how to add pleats. With a little internet searching and a call to my mom I found out that I need to get this tape that you sew on and then when you pull the strings, your panels have pleats. Joann’s is 20 minutes away and of course you buy the tape by the yard, so there aren’t any instructions. I did figure it out and hemmed my last panel at 11pm on Tuesday night. I am very happy with the results. The house was a disaster and Sam had to bring home fast food for dinner, but we have drapes!

Chocolate Carter 3.24.08

Carter didn’t get his chocolate bunny until Monday. I guess you can tell that he liked it.

The Hunt 3.23.08

We had an Easter Egg hunt for our kids in my back yard. Alycia and both bought a couple of bags of candy and filled our eggs the night before. Because you can only fit one piece of candy in each egg, we had over 200 eggs for our six kids. We will have to remember for next year that one bag would have been enough. The kids sure had a fun time. Carter crawled over and got one egg. He wanted the candy and wouldn’t collect another egg. Gavin and Renée under stand the concept of an egg hunt, so they ran as fast as they could around the yard. He finally (designed by Nick and Sam) was collecting eggs on the trampoline when the dads jumped. When they jumped, all their collected eggs came out. We ended up dividing up the candy by family and have been eating way too much every day since then.

Easter Morning 3.23.08

We had a great Easter this year. Gavin and Rene’e were excited to eat candy for breakfast. We woke up Carter 15 minutes before we had to leave for church, so he didn’t get to eat as much. We went to church with Alycia and her family because they had a better church time than us. Then everyone came to our house and we had a nice family dinner.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eggcitement 3.17.08

We died Easter eggs for Family Home Evening this week. Gavin, Rene’e, and Sam really enjoyed the dieing. Carter seemed quite happy to watch. We didn’t have any major spills so I was happy. Our egg die came with glow in the dark paint, which I put on the kids faces. They thought it was so fun to see their faces in the mirror in the dark bathroom.

Finally Standing

Our little Carter is finally standing! He even took his first step on March 13th. Carter is doing really well now. He weighs 19 lbs. 3 oz, so I turned around is car seat. He is also up to five words, “mama, dada, quack-quack, tickle-tickle, and night-night.” He did have his speech evaluated and he isn’t behind in the verbal, jus expressing comprehension. I think it is probably due to the fact that he couldn’t really hear us before he got his tubes put in. Carter is still working with Early Childhood Intervention to get him walking and he will also have speech therapy. So all in all, things are looking up with Carter’s health. He will be 18 months old on the 28th and will have is check up on Wednesday. Carter loves to be outside, and will crawl around out there for hours. He has already worn out the tops of two pair of shoes from crawling. Carter also likes to go to the playground and go down the slide. He crawls up the stairs and then turns around and goes down backwards. It is really cute. He likes the swing as long as I don’t push him too high. Lately Carter is all smiles with a few fits thrown in. We getting used to the new Carter since he is do different since his surgery. He also has developed an attachment to one of his blankets. He bunches it up and holds it to go to sleep and in the morning when I come in to get him he dives on top of in and holds on so he can take it out of the crib. He also likes to bunch it up and hold on to it so no one else can get it. He is my first blanky baby because the other two had pinkies Here is our little guy standing.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Jinx in the Snow

More Sledding 3.10.08

Sam had Friday off and we still had snow, so we went out for some more sledding. Sam even dusted off his snowboard gear to try out on the hill.