Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sand Boat

We finally filled up the sand box. It has been empty since the move and it has been too hot for the kids to use it anyway. They love playing in it, especially Carter, but the number of baths has significantly increased. I usually have them strip down to play in it so they don’t ruin their clothes and it is 90 out, so they aren’t getting cold.


Now that the pool is closed we are using the playground again. It is within walking distance from our house. Gavin likes to ride his bike and I push Renée and Carter in the stroller. Renée had to stop and check out these bones is someone’s yard. The weather is still hot. It has hit 90 almost every day this week. We are surviving but I miss the pool. Carter is doing really well playing with Gavin and Renée. I could almost say he has joined the herd, but not quite. He is getting there.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Selling Stuff

Gavin is selling stuff for his school. They asked us not to go door to door, which I wouldn't have anyway, but we don't have any family here to sell to and all our friends have kids in school too. If you want to support Gavin and his school go to here to see what you can buy. His school ID is 1073139. The sale ends on Tuesday. Thanks for your support.


Carter had a great time opening presents. He would say, “Oooo Wow,” for every one. The Nelsons gave him a shake and go. Grandma Lil gave him a digger that had buttons to make sounds. (She actually sent money which I turned into a toy.) GG and Pap-Pap gave him John Deer Tractors. We gave him a bubble lawn mower. All of which he loved. It is easy to please a two year old.

Make a Wish

For the party that I paid for, the Nelson came over for dinner and we had cake to celebrate Carter’s birthday. Actually, Alycia stayed at our house while we were at church so Cater could take a nap and she could cook dinner. Carter was pretty excited with his cake but needed some helpers to blow out the candles.

Carter's Party (Wink)

The Crawford Farms pool closing party happened to fall on Carter’s birthday, so I told Carter and my kids that the party was for Carter’s birthday. There were bounce houses, cotton candy, snow cones, and hot dogs. What else could you want from a free party! We had a great time and even invited Alycia and kids to join us.

Birthday Prep

We are getting lazier with the kids birthdays. I didn’t even decorate Carter’s cake, wrap his presents, or hang steamers until the morning of his birthday. It was a crazy weekend though. I was out until 1:00am on Friday. Then on Saturday I went to the Primary Activity, the pool, a church dinner and woman’s’ broadcast, and then I went to the Crawford Farms ladies night out at the pool and was there until midnight. There wasn’t much time for birthday prep. Gavin and Renée had a great time watching me decorate and eating frosting.

Birthday Pancake

Sam made Carter’s birthday pancake this year. We are adding chocolate chips to add to the excitement. Carter ate a lot of it. I can’t believe my baby is already two. It is especially hard to believe because Gavin was this size when he was one. Carter is so very cute and I am so glad he is a part of our family.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Sam - "Good night, Carter. I love you."
Carter - "Growl!"

Carter has been growling at everything lately. The other day we were at the pool and he was growling at a nearby butterfly. It was hilarious to watch.

Our Last Day

I am so sad that our pool is closing. We went every day this week! The kids are usually very good there and I can lay on a deck chair and relax while they swim. Hopefully it will be even better next year.

I hope they call me on a Mission!

Gavin and Renée were called on missions. Renée went to Mexico City, Mexico and Gavin went to Argentina. Our Primary put together the cutest activity where the kids were called on a mission. They learned about their country and then did activities to help them get ready for a mission. I was in charge of the bike obstacle course, since missionaries usually have to ride bikes. Gavin had to go late because of his soccer game, but had a great time while he was there. Renée seemed to like it and I was able to send Carter to the nursery because there were so many of us who had to bring our babies that some of the young women helped us out.

First Goal of the Season

Gavin had another game on Thursday and Saturday this week. On Thursday, the coach thought the game started at 7, rather than 6pm, so he didn’t show up until 6:45. Sam is the assistant coach, so he got to coach the first three quarters. My job is to keep Carter and Renée off the playing field. It is tougher than you would think. I didn’t get to go to the game on Saturday because I was helping out at the primary activity, but Gavin scored his first goal of the season and we very pleased with himself. Way to go Gavin!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Breaking Dawn Party

After the Pine Wood Derby, I went to a Breaking Dawn party. Yes, I do realize how cool this makes Sam and my hobbies look. Anyway, Darla was in town, who is the biggest Twilight fan ever. She moved to Tennessee and came back for this special event. Bonnie decked out her house in red and black. I was there until 1:00am chatting with the girls. I regretted it in the morning, but I sure had fun.

Pine Wood Derby

No, Gavin isn't old enough yet. This was all Sam. Our church held an adult Pine Wood Derby. Sam built this car but unfortunately it didn’t win. The kids had a great time cheering him on.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All Wrapped Up

We have gone to the pool every day after Gavin gets out of school. It closes on Sunday so feel like we have to use it before it is too late. It is crazy that the pool is closing because it is still 90 here! We have been enjoying ourselves and inviting friends to join us. Carter has decided that he wants to be wrapped in a towel like everyone else when we leave. The towel is too long for him but I think he is really cute.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Broken Heart

I teach the 11 & 12 year old girls at church. Today we learned about the Beatitudes and to have a “broken heart and a contrite spirit.” These are my broken heart cookies. They were a big hit.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Going Texan

A lot of my friends decorate with rod iron here in Texas. It is not something I saw the other places we have lived. So I figured, what the heck, I might as well go Texan too. I put these above the two doors in my kitchen.

Kids' Club

We hosted Kids' Club on Saturday night. We took all nine kids to the playground. Instead of playing on the equipment they rolled down the hill next to it. Sam also played red light green light with them.