Friday, September 30, 2011

Day seven in Destin

Gavin, Renée, and I started our day with a walk to the rock pier to collect shells. It was a four mile walk all together. Everyone had a wonderful time on the way there but there was a lot of complaining on the way back. We did find a lot of beautiful shells. After a day at the beach we went to the sea food festival. Renée, Carter, and I had shrimp. Gavin and Sam had alligator. We walked around all the booths and our night concluded with fireworks.

Sam snorkeling.

Our shade tent was broken by a gust of wind.  Some people on the beach let us this.

Fried shrimp


The think he is a swordfish.


The kids won these 3-D bubble glasses.
This is what they look like.

They got balloon swords from a pirate.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day six in Destin

We spent the entire day at the beach. Sam heated up chicken pot pies and brought them to us and we ate while watching the sun set.
I feel this way about ice cream too.


Hermit crab find of the day.

We didn't build this but Carter helps anyone who is digging.

My kids asked this poor life guard questions for a good 30 minutes before he was able to escape.

Some things never change.

Carter loves the sand more than the water.

A net full of jelly fish.
Sam trying to get the seagulls to eat out of his hand.
Chicken pot pie while watching the sun set.

Birds are always fun to chase.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day five in Destin (Carter's Birthday)

We woke up to rain on Carter's birthday, but we found other things to entertain us.  Carter had a five pancake for breakfast.  We fed some alligators and got to touch one.  Don't worry it's mouth was taped shut.  We rented journey to the center of the earth and watched it together.  Once the rain cleared, we took a walk on the beach.  Carter chose corn dogs for dinner and wanted chocolate cake.  This is the first store bought cake that we have had for a birthday. 
5 pancake


Getting some help putting it together.

Feeding the alligators

We got to touch this little guy.

Walking on the beach and collecting treasures.

A huge jelly fish.

corn dogs

and chocolate cake.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day four in Destin

Day fours was just as delightful as all the others. We played on the boggie board and fed/chased the birds. The kids got along so well the whole time we were in Destin. Strangers were coming up to us and commenting on how good they were and how well they played together. We love vacationing with other families but it was really nice to see Gavin, Renée, and Carter focus on each other.
We took family photos on the beach.  I haven't edited them yet, so I will have to edit them later.  The sunset was beautiful.

Feeding the birds is fun.

Chasing them is even more fun.  (I love the lady in the background laughing at Gavin.)

Sam did promise five dollars to the first kid who touched a a bird.

Helping out Carter

Cheering Carter on

After an ice cream cone.