Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day four in Destin

Day fours was just as delightful as all the others. We played on the boggie board and fed/chased the birds. The kids got along so well the whole time we were in Destin. Strangers were coming up to us and commenting on how good they were and how well they played together. We love vacationing with other families but it was really nice to see Gavin, Renée, and Carter focus on each other.
We took family photos on the beach.  I haven't edited them yet, so I will have to edit them later.  The sunset was beautiful.

Feeding the birds is fun.

Chasing them is even more fun.  (I love the lady in the background laughing at Gavin.)

Sam did promise five dollars to the first kid who touched a a bird.

Helping out Carter

Cheering Carter on

After an ice cream cone.

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