Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I am not die hard enough to go to the midnight showing, but I went with three friends on Wednesday. We went out to dinner and then saw the 10pm showing. I loved the movie and enjoyed hearing the crowds’ response. Like when Jacob said to Edward, “You know I am hotter than you.” Yes you are Jacob! It was so much fun to go out with my girlfriends. We ended up talking in Jayne’s van until 2:30am. I was hating life on Thursday.

Marci, Michelle, Jayne, & me

What is in your refrigerator?

Sam's IV meds.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Home from the Hospital

Sam was able to come home from the hospital today.  When he was discharged, I took him right to the infectious disease doctor’s office to learn how to administer the two iv antibiotics he is on.  He will be on them for three weeks and will not be able to work for two weeks.  He is feeling a lot better but he has to keep his leg elevated.  Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers

Monday, June 28, 2010

Picc Line

Sam is feeling much better and got a picc line today.  The picc line will allow him to come home while still on IV antibiotics.  He will have to continue the IV antibiotics for three weeks, but he should be able to come home from the Hospital tomorrow.


I was planning on fondue for Sunday dinner, but Sam went to the hospital instead. I didn’t want the bread to get stale, so the kids and I ate it on Monday. We had cheese fondue for dinner and chocolate for dessert. My kids think fondue is the coolest dinner ever and are more than happy to eat broccoli when it is dipped in cheese.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Sam was addmitted to Baylor Medical in Grapevine. He has cellulitis and needs IV antibiotics. Last time he had to stay for four days, so we will just have to wait and see. His phone number is 817-305-5133 if you would like to call. He will probably feel fine tomorrow and be very bored.


"I only have three kinds of germs. Some of your germs, some of dad's germs, and mostly my germs." - Gavin talking to me.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

The kids each got Sam a gift from Dollar Zone. Renée gave him scissors. Carter gave him tools. Gavin gave him a sling shot. At church, the kids sang to him. Carter went up for the first time. He stood on a stool in the very front, he didn’t sing, but he did lean over the platform and bang on the wood. He also jumped up and down and bobbed his head to the music. I was really embarrassed but what could I do? The kids’ primary teachers asked the kids some questions about Sam and put all the wards answers in a pamphlet for them. Here are our kids’ responses:
My favorite thing to do with my dad is. . .
Read – Gavin
Help make dinner with him – Renée
Tools – Carter
At work, my dad. . .
Make planes – Gavin
Builds airplanes – Renée
Builds houses and airplanes – Carter
If I could get my dad a present, it would be. . .
A new bike – Gavin
A new computer he can share with people – Renée
Tools – Carter
How old is your dad?
42 – Gavin
26 – Renée
3 – Carter
My dad likes to. . .
Ride bikes – Gavin
Dinosaur hugs – Renée
Work with tools – Carter
After church we had a nice dinner then the kids and I made Sam his favorite cookies, snicker doodles. 

 Carter was so excited to give Sam tools that he was jumping up and down.
Scissors from Renée.
A sling shot from Gavin which he was happy to try out.
mmmmm snicker-doodles

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eleventh Anniversary

We celebrated our Anniversary at The Old Warsaw restaurant. They only have valet parking and we are still driving our 2000 Hyundai Elantra. We elected to park on a side street and walk in. As we were walking an employee behind the restaurant asked us if we were going to the wedding. We responded that we were not and headed to the restaurant. Once we were inside enjoying our four course dinner, the employee came up to our table and told us that he bet his friend that we were going to the restaurant. His friend replied no way and accepted the $10 bet. We were really embarrassed when he told us this, but not enough to have a car payment again. The food was wonderful!
After dinner we got to see Wicked. I loved it. The music was fantastic and the storyline was really cute. I am so glad we went. I have wanted to see this for years and it didn’t disappoint.

Friday, June 18, 2010

All Wet on Friday Night

We met up with the Nelsons at the water park after Sam and Nick got off work. We packed a dinner and had a lot of fun going down slides and getting wet. It is really hot here and the water park is the best place to be. At one point we couldn’t find Carter. We thought he was in the big spray thing with all the slides with all the other kids. He was happily playing in a nearby spray area. I took these photos with our underwater camera.

Sam and Nick playing with the kids at the water factory.
Renée crossing the logs.
Gavin and Blake being typical boys.
Poor Carter can't keep his size 12 month bathing suit up.  He always looks like a plumber.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


The watergardens are another cool Fort Worth highlight. It was pretty humid but the kids still have fun climbing things and running around.
Enjoying the fountain.
Carter on top of the Mountain.
The kids wanted to swim in the reflecting pool.
me and Joi

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cattle Drive

I love Fort Worth and I love that you can see cows herded down the street twice a day. I couldn’t let Joi miss this Fort Worth experience.
These misters felt really good.

Stockyard Station

While waiting for the cattle drive we checked out the Stockyard Station. While we were there the Grapevine train came. The kids thought it was pretty cool.
I didn't have any quarters.  Don't worry, Gavin took care of it.
Hello train.
Goodbye, Train.
Stagecoach ride.

Stockyard Petting Zoo

We made a trip down to the Stockyards because it is a Fort Worth must see.  There just happened to be a petting zoo set up.  Lucky us!  We even bought food to feed the animals.  Even though we were really hot the kids loved it and no one was afraid.
The animals were really friendly because we were holding food.
Joi seems a little too excited about this.
Aubri was so sweet with the animals.  I am so glad I caught these smiles.
Their faces were so worth the entry fee.
Ava wasn't so sure about the licking.
I was so glad they had hand sanitizer.