Tuesday, August 28, 2007


No offers on the house yet. I do have a plan for going home. I am going to stay in PA until Saturday. Then I am going to visit Maryland, where I used to live and will be staying with my friend Jennifer until early Tuesday morning. We will visit Grandma Lil and then return home on Thursday. I will be home for a whole day before we set off for South Padre Island on Saturday. After a whole week at the beach we will return home on September 16th. I don't have any other travel plans until October 6th when Alycia and I go on a five night cruise.

Monday, August 27, 2007

A Fountain of Fun

I visited my friend Rochelle, from high school, in Center Valley, PA. We took the kids to a shopping center fountain and they loved it. Afterwards we had Maggie Moo's ice cream. Yummy!

This morning Gavin woke up and the first thing he said was, "Is it snowing?" I of course said no and then he complained of never getting to see snow.

Gavin went up to my sister Jenne' and said, "Aunt Kendra, Hey your not Aunt Kendra. Are you Aunt Nay?"

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Atlantic City

My parents took the kids and me to Atlantic City for three days. The first day, Wednesday, was rainy, but we had a good time at Harrah's all you can eat buffet. Carter loved the cheese cake. It was still rainy on Thursday morning, so I took Gavin and Rene'e to the hotel's indoor pool. Durning nap time Gavin went with GG to see an IMAX dinosaur movie in 3D. By the afternoon, the weather cleared and we were able to spend some time on the beach. After dinner we went to a shopping mall that is on a pier where they have a water fountain synced to music and lights. It was really cool to watch. We spent most of Friday on the beach. The biggest surprise was how much Carter loved the sand. He crawled all around in it, sucked on sandy shells, and seems quite happy. Rene'e loved the sand and spent hours playing with a plastic knife and a bottle cap, filling the cap with sand with the knife. Both Gavin and Rene'e loved playing in the waves. They got knocked downa couple of times, but they got right back up and continued to play. We got home on Friday evening and everyone slept well.

The Dream

On Monday my mom, my kids, and I drove three hours to Holidaysburg, PA to visit my grandma who is recovering from two broken legs. Before I left I sent an email to my extended family to let them know I was coming and to see if anyone wanted to go to The Dream for dinner. Everyone came and I was so very touched that they would come on such short notice to see the kids and me.
Grandma Gampe staying in the Luthern Home until she recovers.
Keith, Page, Uncle Kenny, Aunt Jill (my dad's sister), and Bear.
Gavin, Uncle Don (my dad's brother), and Denise (my mom)
Aunt Cindy, Uncle Glenn (my Grandma's brother), and Uncle Steve (my dad's brother.)
Uncle Mike (my dad's brother) & Aunt Becky
Grandma Gampe & Cliff (her boyfriend)
Caleb (my cousin)
Keith and Page (cousins)
Cliff, Aunt Kay (my grandma's sister), and Aunt Cindy

Pap-Pap & GG's House

We are having a great time at my parent's house. Rene'e is "loving" the cat. Gavin has built the tallest lego tower ever. Carter has learned to stand with a walker. The trampoline has been Gavin's favorite. I haven't been able to access my email, so if you want to contact me use tiffany.sheppard@verizonmail.com until Sept. 16th.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Keystone State

The kids and I made it to PA today safe and sound. I am exhausted but glad to be here.

Monday, August 13, 2007


We made it to Alabama today at 6pm. It was 10 hours of driving time. The kids were great and Jinx only threw up once. I just wanted to let everyone know that we made it safely. We will head on to PA on Wednesday.

House for Sale

Our house went on the market on Friday. Sam got a better job offer in Fort Worth, which he will start in October. We will buy something in the Keller area as soon as our home sells. We have been crazy busy doing all the little projects we needed to do to sell and get the house super clean. Now that the house is in top condition and all that is left to do is keep the house clean, I am leaving town. I just can't keep this up with three small children. I am driving to Alabama to visit Sam's Grandma Lil, and then I will go on to Pennsylvania to stay with my parents. Driving half way across the country with three kids and a dog sure will be an adventure.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Wedding Weekend

Dane and Laurel were married on July 27th at the Idaho Falls Temple. They both looked fabulous and were blissfully happy.

Sam, Carter, and I flew to Salt Lake City on the 26th and drove to Rexburg, ID to be there. Brielle was nice enough to let us stay with her, so we didn't have to get a hotel. It was a blast to be with my family and hang out with my siblings. We stayed up way too late every night. If you don't know my siblings, they are (in the picture of us holding Dane) Kendra, Brielle, Jenne', Me, and Alycia.

Some other highlights. We all went out for Mexican and drew names for our sibling Christmas gift exchange. My family teased me that now I can finish Christmas shopping by August.

I was able to visit my adopted grandparent, Grandma and Grandpa Fristzsche (my college roommate's grandparent.) They even let us stay with them when our flight was canceled on Sunday night.

I also got to visit Jacalyn, who we were friends with in Maryland, but now lives in Park City.

Gavin and Rene'e stayed with our neighbors, Seth and Cory. They had a blast and it was really nice for us not to have them at a wedding. We finally made it home on Monday afternoon to relieve and exhausted Cory.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Dane & Laurel

My life is really crazy right now and I don't have any time to blog but I wanted you to see my brother's wedding pictures. I will eventually put some of my own up, but in the mean time here is the photographers site http://joycecaywood.exposuremanager.com

You will have to copy and paste but enjoy.

PS- I will have a major update soon.