Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sunday 3.25.07

I coordinated the kids outfits for church. Aren't they cute?

Bird update: We are up to five eggs.

I will be in PA until Monday with Carter. Fun for Sam!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Two new editions!

Some birds build a nest in the wreath on our front door. We now have two eggs. I have no idea what kid of birds they are but us opening the door from time to time hasn't seemed to bother them too much. I can't wait for them to hatch and it will be fun for my kids to see them.

Frisco Easter Egg Hunt

Sam took Gavin in Rene'e to the Frisco Easter Egg hunt. I had enrichment, so I took Carter with me. I guess the whole thing took about a minute but the kids had a great time.

Photos this week

After church I noticed that Rene'e and I's outfits coordinated, so I had to have a picture.
Gavin did came up to me like this and told me he was a bad guy.

Carter is a wild sleeper. It is fun to see where his is in his crib before I go to bed.
Carter is so mobile. He is rolling all over our house.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ceiling Project 3/9/07

Sam and I have come to realize that any home project that we do will cost double the money and twice as much time and we thought it would. Our ceiling project took about five times the money and more hours than I care to count. It all started with toilet that over flowed and stained our ceiling. We figured that two gallons of ceiling paint would be an easy fix. Well, when Sam rolled on the paint the popcorn that was on the damaged area it fell off. Sam went to Walmart to get spray on pop corn and I continued doing edging and then was going to scrap the area wear the popcorn was coming off. The popcorn came of in sheets, so I decided the ceiling would look better if we just took off all the popcorn. When Sam in the door I said, "Don't be mad." because I had a quarter of the sealing already scraped. We stayed up until 2am on Friday and 3am on Saturday scraping the ceiling, sanding it, and then painting it. Sanding created so much dust that everything on the first floor needed to be washed. We had to wipe down the walls, steam clean the furniture and floor, scrub the tile floor with a scrub brush, wash every cabinet, wash all the dishes in our cabinets, and do a whole lot of vacuuming. I was so overwhelmed that Alycia had to come up on Tuesday and Wednesday to help me get through the mess. Luckily the house is now back together, clean, and we have smooth ceiling in the family room and kitchen. We took this weekend off from house projects but I did buy fabric to start drapery. I sometimes pity Sam being married to me.

Nerf Guns

Little boys sure love guns. GG gave them this set during her visit and Gavin and Blake love them. Luckily they don't have very good aim, so they don't shoot each other that often. These Nerf guns shoot darts that have Velcro at the end so it sticks to the vests that they wear. They mostly just try to shoot into the balcony from the entry way. Blake only cried one time when Gavin shot him in the neck.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

ER Trip #4

Yesterday, Gavin hit his eye on the end table and I had to take him into the ER. Luckily the church bag was still in the van, so the kids had plenty to do while we waited. The doctor was able to glue the cut so Gavin didn't have to have stitches. Not a great way to start the week.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


No wonder Rene'e is so cranky all the time. She sleeps like this!

Playing with Carter 3/8

On Thursday when Gavin was at preschool, Rene'e was actually playing with Carter. Now she still calls him, "Trey" (her cousin's name), but at least she is acknowledging him.

GG Comes to Texas 3/4 - 3/7

My mom was able to spend a few days with us here in Texas. The highlight of the week was going to Gatti town twice. It is like Chuck E. Cheese, but with better food and rides. My mom also wanted her picture taken with the kids on a long horn. Where else do you have cattle decorating your shopping centers? We love Texas!
Carter was so good while my mom was here. Enjoyed all the flashing lights at Gatti town. Gavin won this frog for Carter.
Everyone dressed up for church.
Gavin hitting some sharks.
This ride simulates going on a roller coaster. Both of the kids loved it.
Rene'e loves the carousel.
Gavin on the carousel.

Bright Eyes

Carter is enjoying cereal a lot more since the first time I fed him. He still is getting me up once a night though. I am hoping he will start sleeping through the night again soon. This week Carter rolled over from his back to his tummy. Last night when I went in to check on him, he was asleep on his tummy. He was on his tummy again in the morning. I guess he prefers it now. Carter is such a joy in our lives. Here are some pictures during the last two weeks.