Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 7 Somewhere in the Ocean

What I love about cruising besides the endless food is the down time before you get home. So many times I go on vacation and come home exhausted. When you cruise you get a day to relax before you have to go back to reality.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 6 Costa Maya

Costa Maya was wonderful. We took a bus to the little town of Majahual. The town’s only income comes from tourism. The beach is lined with shops and beach clubs and then 100 ft from the shore there is absolutely nothing for as far as you can see. We got day passes to Pez Quadro Beach Club. The pass included as many virgin drinks as we wanted. I am not sure how many frozen drinks I had. We each got an hour message for $20 right on the beach. When I laid on the table, the woman had me pull down my bathing suit. She ended up pulling it halfway down my butt. Luckily I will never see those people again so oh well. It was a really great message. The water was calm and blue and the sand was white. We loved the bar that had swings instead of stools. They gave us endless entertainment. We had lunch at their little restaurant. Sam and I had nachos. After plenty of lying around Joi and I walked the beach looking at all the shops. It was a fantastic day.
Back on the boat we had a wonderful dinner and then played more cards. At midnight there was a grand buffet with beautiful ice sculptures, bread displays, and fruit sculptures. We were so stuffed that night.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 5 Cozumel

Joi and Joe took a tour of the ruins but we had already been there so we decided to go on a glass bottom boat and snorkeling tour. We did a little exploring before we were scheduled to go out. It was very hot and humid. I am so glad I was wearing a bathing suit because I was soaking wet. Our tour was very interesting. We didn’t book it through the cruise and we were the only Americans on the boat. Everyone else was a Mexican tourist. They were very interested to hear about where we were from and what it was like on our cruise ship. We stopped at three different places along the reef. The water was so refreshing to be in. I had a blast using my new underwater camera and Sam kept diving down to the bottom to explore. We saw a lot of fish and really enjoyed ourselves.
After our tour we went back to the ship to shower. We weren’t leaving port until 8pm so we got back off and rented a scooter and drove the whole way around the island. I was quite enchanted by the other side of the island. It was almost deserted and very beautiful. I took most of the photos from the back of the scooter while Sam was driving. We only had two hours so we couldn’t stop too much. I did take a turn driving the scooter but stopping and starting were a little difficult for me with Sam on the back. We did get caught in some rain which kind of hurts while driving. I made for an interesting experience. We did go through the parts of Cozumel that aren’t touristy and the poverty really was sad. I was also surprised to find out that most of the island is not developed and is just covered with brush.