Friday, June 21, 2013

Cable, WI via Duluth, MN

Tiffany Moses made us a yummy breakfast with real mapel syrup that she got from a maple farm. Then we were off to Duluth, MN to pick up Alycia and my race packets. It wasn't even 50 degrees there. Renee asked if I could see her breath. The kids loved the race expo with all the free stuff that is handed out. We now have plenty of towels and cow bells. It took about an hour and a half to get to the Nelson's lake house in Cabel, WI. It is in the middle of no where and the GPS had me off on dirt roads at one point, but we eventually made it here. After dinner we took a tour of the lake on the pontoon  boat. It is in the 60s here so we were decked out in pants and sweatshirts. Now I am in bed early trying to get to sleep next to a room full of giggling kids. I can't believe the marathon is tomorrow.

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Natasha said...

Fun to see you blogging again! Moving? You guys are moving? Where to? I hope your race went well today.