Friday, February 4, 2011

Four Days No School

Because it was so cold, the ice on the roads didn’t melt. They don’t have plows or salt here, so school had to be canceled for four days in a row. On Friday we got even more snow, but the temperature warmed up enough that the kids and I could be outside for more than 30 minutes. I took some pictures when all the kids on our street were out playing together. I live on such a fun street. My kids have so many friends and during this whole four day snow vacation I either didn’t have kids in my house, or I had more than I could count.
I got a lot of painting done during the break and Sam was even able to help me for the two days he couldn’t go to work.

Carter can find a tool in any situation.

Gavin loves the snow.

Jinx loves the snow even more.

Jinx and Renée playing together.

Jinx might have been eating the snow.

Gavin found another use for the . . .

for the BYU dining trays.

The snow fight continues with the kids on our street.

Aaron, Gavin, Renée, Seth, and Mia in back.

The kids on our street enjoying Jinx.

Carter found another sled.

Renée sledding in Cindy's driveway.

My beautiful snow girl.

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russ katie mia & george said...

i adore the picture of renee! what a beauty. and i can.not.believe this is freakin' texas! it looks like utah.