Friday, July 13, 2012

The Hoover Dam

The kids woke up at 6am again!  I did my very best to keep them quiet in the camp, but it is a battle.  We got our camp packed up and we were on the road pretty early.  We stopped at Mather’s Point one last time to see the view.  I love that the Grand Canyon never looks the same.  The weather and the time of day change the light and shadow.  It is easy to see why people come from all over the world to see it.  On our way to Las Vegas, we stopped at the Hoover Dam.  Neither Renee nor Carter were tall enough to see over the railing well, so I had to hold them up.  We got to Katie’s house in Las Vegas around 3pm and had a relaxing evening together at her house.  Katie made us chocolate fondue which the kids loved.  My kids are playing really well with her kids.
The Grand Canyon

Gavin on Mather's Point

The Hoover Dam

The new bridge that we drove over.
Monument at the Dam

View of Lake Mead
Chocolate fondue at Katie's house.  Olive, Renee, Mia, Carter, George, and Gavin

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