Monday, July 23, 2012

Oregon Coast

Low tide was at 9am so we got up early and went straight to the beach.  We found a ton of sand dollars on the beach.  The kids were so excited and we collected bags full of them.  After about an hour on the beach we headed back to camp to pack up camp.  We didn’t get on the road until almost noon.  We drove up the Oregon coast on 101 stopping several times to see and photograph the cliffs and beaches of the coast.  This was not the perfect day that it was yesterday.  Carter and Renee spent a lot of the day fighting over a broken part of a pen that they were using as a whistle.  We did take a tour of the Umpqua Lighthouse which was fun for everyone.  We drove a lot so we could make it to the Sea Lion caves before they closed.  Unfortunately their elevator is broken and they wanted to charge us $23 just to look on their ledge at the sea lions.  We went out to dinner and out for ice cream instead in Yachats.  We found a campground next to the beach, Tillicum Park and Campground.  It was really windy and we went down on the beach the sand was flying across the ground and it looked really neat.  We watched the sun set over the ocean, which was beautiful even if we were freezing in the wind.  We went to sleep to the sound of the ocean.
Low Tide in Crescent City.

We found tons of sand dollars.

View point on the Oregon Coast.
Trying to stay out of the wind.

Umpqua Lighthouse

In the lighthouse light.

Inside of the light.


The sand was blowing across the beach.
Watching the sun set (Renee lost her sweatshirt sometime today.)

Trying to survive the wind and cold of the Oregon coast

Digging with some metal he found.

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Lisa M said...

So beautiful!! What a great trip and a wonderful experience for your family. Heading into Utah at all?