Sunday, July 22, 2012

Crescent City California

Today was lovely day.  The kids slept in so when I woke up I read my book and enjoyed the quiet, which I have not had a lot of during this trip.  After breakfast we went hiking in thick redwood forest.  It was so peaceful and beautiful.  We drove on an old dirt road through the forest that was once a stage coach road.  It was a beautiful drive past a lot of giant redwoods.  We went to the beach at Crescent City.  The weather was warm, maybe in the 80s.  The kids wore their swimming suits this time and played in the water.  I wore jeans and a t-shirt and read my book on the beach.  They played for hours and it was so nice to relax.  After our beach time we walked to the lighthouse which is on an island and only accessible during low tide because the road to it is underwater the rest of the day.  We did one last redwood hike before we headed back to camp to have dinner.  We bought firewood so we made a big fire and made smores.  The kids sure love to make a fire.  The kids got along really well today and our day was just about perfect.

On our morning hike.

Gavin's bow make out of a stick and a balloon.

Playing at the beach in Crescent City.

My favorite picture.

Our beach bum.

View of the lighthouse. 

Afternoon Redwood hike.

Our instant tent. 
Marshmallow roasting
Not sure how he ended up with chocolate on this part of his face.

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