Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oregon Coast with Grandparents

We spent our morning playing on the beach, which is such a different experience than Eastern and Gulf Coast beaches.  We wear pants and discover what is in the tide pools.  Carter likes to dig.  After I got our camp packed up we met Sam’s family at Devil’s Cauldron.  During high tide the water splashes up through the bowl in the rock.  We were not there at high tide but we did get to see two whales.  We ate lunch at Dory Cove.  They make great clam chowder.  Carter ordered clam strips and I couldn’t believe that he ate them all.  (Well I guess it isn’t that hard to believe.)  After some time digging holes and playing tackle football on the beach we drove to the Tillamook Cheese Factory.  I sent the kids with Sam’s parents and Grandma Lil.  I took his sister, Maren, and it was a very good trade on my part.  The cheese was fantastic at the factory and we also had ice cream.  It was our yummiest adventure so far.

Our campground was right above this cliff.  It made for fun climbing.  

Checking out the tide pools

Digging with a tent stake. 

missing Sam

Taking a ride with the camp host.  Carter is friends with everyone.

Devils Cauldron 
Watching Whales with Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Charlie

Grandpa Charlie and Renee

Mmmmm cheese

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