Friday, July 20, 2012

Trinity Mountains

Alison and I went on a run together in the morning.  It felt good to run again since I haven’t been able to on this trip.  It was also fun to have a friend to talk to.  We left Alison’s house at noon and traveled north into the mountains.  I actually am not exactly sure where I am.  I think I am in the trinity mountains.   We are in a tiny 10 campsite campground.  There was is a tiny trail that took us to a rocky creek.  We had fun jumping from rock to rock.  Both Carter and Renee fell in the water.  It was a steep climb back to camp.   The kids are also swinging on a rope attached to a tree.  Oh the simple pleasures.

Rope and stick swing in our campground.
Look at all that moss.  We don't have that in Texas. 
Creek near our campground.

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