Saturday, July 21, 2012

Redwood National Park

Last night I didn’t sleep well.  There were some party campers that were making noise until 3am and the campground was too close to the road so their was traffic  noise.  We actually woke up to  my mom calling at 7:30, which has been the latest we have slept in so far.  We got our camp broken down and we drove an hour to the Redwoods.  We hiked the Lady Bird Johnson trail, which was a mile and took us into a beautiful thick forest with redwoods.  We also took a hike to the Dolason barn.  It was a 1.5 mile hike and we found wild black berries on the trail.  They were delicious.  We stopped at one of the state park visitors centers and the ranger pointed us in the direction of one of their largest trees and the corkscrew tree.  We also saw a ton of elk.  Highway 101 took us past a giant Paul Bunion and his ox.  It spoke and answered our questions.  We bought some fudge at the gift shop. The highway took us past a beach that we stopped at.  The kids got soaking wet in their clothes even though the water was freezing and the air was really cold too. We ate dinner in Crescent City at a little dinner.   We made it to our campground at 6:30.  It is one of nicest ones we have stayed at.  The woods are so thick here that we can’t even see the campers around us.  They also have great showers.  We attended a ranger campfire program before we went to bed.  
Lady Bird Johnson Grove
A bench made out of a stump.
It was really foggy while we were there.

Giant redwood trees

Inside a redwood tree

Banana slugs on the sign

One of my favorite photos of the trip.  Gavin in the Lady Bird Johnson Grove.
Starting out on the Dolason Prairie Trail
Walking with his hands running through the grass.

Interior of Dolason Barn.  It is almost 100 years old.

The kids are fascinated by the banana slugs.
After eating wild blackberries.
Elk that we saw by the side of the road.
304 foot redwood
Corkscrew tree.
We drove through a redwood!

Paul Bunyan and his blue ox.
California coast

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