Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dallas Symphony

I found a smoking deal for tickets to the symphony so I invited the Collingwoods knowing that they are music lovers. We ate dinner at a hotel close to the music hall and climbed to our seats that were about as high up as you can go. The symphony was incredible. There was a piano soloist that blew me away. He would have to wipe the sweat off his head every so often with a rag because he was playing so fast. After the concert we stopped at sonic to make our sweet evening even sweeter.

Jerry & Michalann

View from our nose bleed seats.


The Collingwood Family said...

that was a fun night! Thanks for posting pictures!

russ katie mia & george said...

at least you had nose bleed seats at an event that it doesn't really matter if you can see anything...all you gotta do is listen. what a nice evening.