Monday, March 14, 2011

Grand Canyon Day 2

The kids were up early because we are two hours ahead of AZ. I took them to the pool and we had a morning swim, well I actually sat in the hot tub. Sam still had a low fever when he woke up. I checked his legs again, still no red spots. He took some ibuprofen and decided he could carry on for the day. We took the bus to the point were we left off on the rim trail. We hiked until everyone was tired and then took the bus back to our van. We took the Desert View trail with our van stopping at all the viewing points. We saw an elk on the way. Renée and Carter got sick of looking at the Grand Canyon and decided to stay in the van for a few of the stops. We got to see the remains of a Native American village and tour the Watchtower, which was build in 1932. After being fine all day, Renée threw up on the stairs in the watchtower. There are only one set of stairs that are about two feet wide. While I went to get paper towels to clean up Sam did his best to ask everyone going up or down to watch their step. Not our favorite parent moment! After getting that cleaned up we chose a spot on the rim to watch the sun set. It was spectacular.
I know you are thinking there are a lot of pictures, but I actually sorted threw 800 to chose these.

Hiking along the rim.

We took a lot of breaks and ate a lot of snacks.

I love what my kids do in pictures.

We weren't that close to the edge:)

We really wore Carter out.  He fell asleep on the bus a lot.

Along the desert view.  R & C stayed in the car.

Gavin is getting to be a better photographer.

The Watchtower

Sam and Gavin asked me to take this one.

I love that you can see so much of the Colorado River.

Interior of the Watchtower

View below the Watchtower

Waiting for the sun to set.


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