Saturday, March 19, 2011

Grasslands Half Marathon

I fell in love with trail running when I did Palo Duro in October. I love getting out in the woods and running with beautiful views and good friends. I convinced Lindsey and Kelli to run this race with me and we trained appropriately and one week before the race I felt confident and prepared. The week of the race was our Grand Canyon trip that consisted of hiking, hiking, and more hiking. The altitude zapped my strength and the being in the desert left me dehydrated. To make matters worse, I drove through the night and got home and 24 hours before the start of the race. I started out too fast and there was about four miles of sand. At mile seven a big group of us made a wrong turn. After figuring that out it deflated me mentally and then I started realizing my physical fatigue. I ended up walk a lot of the last half. I felt like quitting but I didn’t want to disappoint my kids so I pressed on. I have never felt so bad after a race, but I finished and that counts for something. What did I learn? I guess I am not super woman after all.
After the race Kelli, Lindsey, and I went out to lunch with our families at Sweetie Pies in Decatur, TX. We have chicken fried rib-eye that was fantastic. I ended up taking a long nap when I got home and woke up with really sore feet.

I know I look cheerful, but that was all show for my kids.

Lindsey has been my faithful running partner this year.

Me, Lindsey, and Kelli

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russ katie mia & george said...

you are super woman to me!!! you taught your kids a wonderful lesson about finishing what you start and persevering! i'm VERY proud of you, my friend!