Thursday, March 17, 2011


The Biglers raved about Sedona, so we changed our plans and headed down there on Thursday. It was two hours from the Grand Canyon but it was a gorgeous drive. We picked out a hike online and then followed the Biglers map to the trail head. We had to take a dirt road which was really rough. So rough that the only other vehicles on the road where dune buggies, SUVs, and trucks. The whole time I was driving, stressed out, Gavin kept saying, “We should have rented a dune buggy.” The area was so beautiful with red rocks everywhere. Our hike took us to an arch and rescue workers were practicing on it with ropes. The kids just loved watching that. I didn’t because now I am going to have to photoshop the people out of my picture. While at the arch we were talking to people and said we were from Texas. They asked, “Are you the ones who drove that mini-van out here?” Good thing we were driving our 2000 Toyota Sienna (aka Bus of Shame).  The clearance is a lot higher than newer vans and we really don't care about it's appearance anymore.  After our hike we went to the town center and visited an art gallery and had lunch before heading home. We ended up leaving at 3pm with a 16 hour drive ahead of us. I drank a 5 hour energy and got us home at 7:30am. What a trip!

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