Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Grand Canyon Day 3

Everyone woke up healthy so we decided to hike into the canyon. It is something I have always wanted to do. We talked to the rangers and learned that the Kiabab trail was in the best shape. There was some ice, snow, and mud at near the top, but most of the trail was mud free. It was a mile and a half to Cedar Point. We took a lot of rests and brought plenty to eat and drink. A lot of the hike was right on the edge of the cliff which made us nervous with our wild children. Carter didn’t want to hold our hands and would say, “This is the careful part.” The trip took us four hours and the drop was over 1000 feet. Gavin begged us to go on to the next point, but Carter wouldn’t have made it. Carter hiked the entire thing and was so proud. After our hike we returned to the hotel pool to rest. I consider myself to be in fairly good shape with all the running I do, but I was feeling that hike. That evening we went to a Ranger presentation on endangered species. The kids wanted to become junior rangers and going to a presentation was a requirement. Renée threw up on our way there outside the visitor’s center. Gavin had my camera at the time and was taking pictures. I will spare you for seeing those images.

Starting out on the trail.

They found a little cave.

Carter didn't want his picture taken at Cedar Point even though we hiked the whole way down there.

King of the Mountain ( or the Canyon)

On our way out.

It was the prettiest hike we have ever been on.

Can you see the switch backs up the side of the canyon?  That is where we were headed.

We did it!

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Anonymous said...

Carter's line "This is the careful part" needs some clarification. What he meant was he can be careful on his own and didn't need to hold our hand. We let him do this the few times the trail wasn't next to the cliff's edge.