Sunday, March 13, 2011

Grand Canyon Day 1

We drove all day on Saturday (about 14 hours) to get to Flagstaff, AZ. We spend the night in a hotel there because it was significantly cheaper than our hotel right outside the park. My kids are fantastic travelers. I give full credit to their DVD players and headphones, but what ever works. My kids were getting over the stomach flu so we brought our bucket. Renée threw up several times in route and Carter threw up in our hotel room (luckily in the bathroom). We decided to skip church and our plans to get together with friends who were also vacationing at the Grand Canyon. It is an hour drive from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon. After we got there were hiked on the rim and checked out the visitors’ center. We took the bus to the farthest point, Hermits Rest, and hiked until the kids got tired. We had a snow ball fight, not near the edge of course, and the kids had a great time making a shadow monster. When we got back to our van, Renée threw up, after acting fine all day. Carter and Gavin still wanted to swim in the hotel’s indoor pool so I took them while Sam stayed with Renée. When we got back I realized Sam had a fever. My first fear was more celulitis, but he didn’t have any red spots. Once everyone was asleep I called Alycia to complain that we can’t ever have a vacation without someone getting sick!

fun with shadows

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