Thursday, March 1, 2012

Running (or the lack of)

I developed plantar fasciitis last March and have been sidelined from running for a year.  It has been torture for me.  I miss my running group and competing in races.  I also miss my running five days a week figure.  I didn't realize how much I use running as a stress reliever.  Without it I was turning to my next best thing, food.  After paying a ton of money to my podiatrist I am finally feeling well enough to gradually add the running back in.  I sleep in a night splint boot, use a pro stretch, roll my feet on frozen golf balls, and take ibuprofen several times a day.  I wish I could just go out and run like a used to but I am on a couch to 5K program to ease my feet back into it.  I am up to a whole 15 minutes of running broken up into three segments.  I know that not being able to run wouldn't sound like a challenge to some people.  Running is such a part of my life now, that it is hard for me to function without it.  I even had to cancel my Runner's World magazine because it would depress me every month is came.
I have developed a love for biking.  I bought a road bike in the spring to get in shape for a triathlon .  I wasn't able to do the triathlon, but the biking really has kept me moving.  I also have great biking friends;  Kris, Kelli, and Lindsey and I bike together on a regular bases.  We get to have girl time and get our workouts in.  All in all, the biking has been great, but I want to get back to my half-marathons.  I am crossing my fingers for the fall.

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