Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day Two in Big Bend

After a very windy night, we had to reassemble our camp.  We put our big tent back up.  Most of the poles were bent and a lot of the connectors to the tent had ripped off.  We used sticks and rope to make it work.  After lunch we set off to hit a trail.  Usually when we camp it is a short drive or walk to the trailhead.  To get to Grapevine Hills, we drove 23 miles on a regular road and then drove 6 miles on a dirt road.  The park is massive.  The hike was two miles round trip and the rock formations were really cool.  Gavin and Renee are crazy climbers and Sam had to follow after them.  Carter isn't that motivated, so we got a head start back to the van and the candy.
We headed into the mountains to take a look at The Window.  It was amazing how different the areas of the park are.  The mountains were beautiful.  After our stroll on Window View Trail, we headed back to camp to make dinner and relax.  We got to go to a Mountain Lion class taught by one of the rangers.  Carter did not like the growling noises that were part of the powerpoint presentation.  There were two mountain lion attacks in February.  Luckily the offending lion was caught.  The ranger really stressed staying together on the trails and not letting your kids run ahead.  That was really tough for Gavin.

Ready to hike out to Balanced Rock.

If there is something to crawl in, the kids will get in and request a picture.

Carter ready to climb.

The landscape was so unique.

Carter and I on a water break.

We made to Balanced Rock!

Gavin and Sam continues to climb on the huge rocks.

View of Balanced Rock from the other side.

Gavin, Renee, and Sam kept climbing.  Carter and I got a head start back.
The Window View Trail was a paved path to a viewpoint.  

Where the two mountains come together is called the window.

Renee wanted to switch hats for a picture.

Back at camp, Sam and Gavin practicing their knots.

Our campsite was right next to the Rio Grande.

Our prettiest camper.
This dead tree was always filled with birds.  Sam called it the Jungle Book tree.

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