Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big Bend Day Four

The mornings were cool in Big Bend, so we went to the hot springs.  After we got changed we went exploring.  We were going to head up to Lost Mind Trial, but the road was blocked off because there wan't any more parking at the trail head.  We found a dirt road to explore and ate lunch in the desert.  We walked around Sam Nail Ranch, which was an old ranch.  We headed back to Lost Mine Trail and didn't have a problem finding parking.  The trail was beautiful in the mountains and we made it to the peak after a 1,100 foot climb to 7,650 feet.  Carter was a little cranky on the decent.  The plan was to watch the sun set from Window View Trail, but there were too many bugs.  We did see some deer and got to watch the sunset as we drove back to camp.
Renne letting the hot spring water fall on her in the Rio Grande.

Enjoying the hot springs.

Eating lunch in the desert.

What remains of the Nail mud brick home.

This windmill still is functioning and gives water to the surrounding trees.

This one isn't working.

Watch out for mountain lions and bears.

We made it to the top!

Us at the peak.

Time to head down.

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