Saturday, March 10, 2012

Getting to Big Bend

We got into the park and and ranger told us that our camp site was 44 miles down the road.  44 miles!  Big Bend was a little bigger than we expected.  After our long drive to camp, we got set up and went on a short hike.  We got our first glimpses of the Rio Grande and skipped stones across to Mexico.  After dinner we went to the hot springs.  They were 102 degrees and felt wonderful.  Renee, Gavin, Sam, and Jace swam in the Rio Grande.  Jenne, Carter, and I were too sensible too.  When we got back to our campsite our tent was no longer standing.  A wind storm with 60 mile an hour gusts hit our camp and it was apparent than no one was sleeping in our big tent.  We took all the seats out of the van and the kids slept in the back.  We put the van seats on top of our tent so it wouldn't blow away.  We brought a little dome tent for Jace and Jenne, but the four of us were not going to fit, so they drove back to Midland and Sam and I slept in the little tent.  I felt bad that Jace and Jenne had to leave early, but it was really fun to have them with us for the day.
Finally in Big Bend after a long drive.

Sam and I in front of the marshlands.
My kids need to teach Jenne and Jace how to pose for a photo.

See, that is how it is done.

Part of the hike.

View point of the Rio Grande.
Jenne and Jace

Throwing (skipping) stones at Mexico.

Renne's view of a Mexican horse.

Old general store that we passed on our way to the hot springs.

A hiking we will go.

Fun in the hot springs.

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