Thursday, March 15, 2012

Big Bend Day Six

Gavin found some javelinas near our camp and ran and got me so I could take some pictures.  He also took this video.  After we got everything packed up, we decided to take one last hike.  We took Boquillas Canyon Trail.  It wasn't very long but there was a huge sand hill and a cave, so we spent a lot of time playing there.  Renee and Gavin had a blast climbing the hill and running down it.  Gavin climbed into the cave and then couldn't get out.  Another kid had to help him out.  There was no way Sam or I were going to be able to get in there.  We were serenaded by Mexicans since we were on the border.  They were asking for tips, but we don't carry cash on our hikes.  The drive home was long (about 8 hours) we his traffic in Odessa and bees swarmed around the van while we were stopped.  It was a really great trip and we plan on going back in a few years.  We were also thrilled to take showers and be back in our beds after five nights of camping.

Holes made by the native people to grind their grain.

Renee playing in the sand.

Gavin and Renee climbing the hill with a view of the cave.

Gavin's head peaking out of he cave.

Sand hill that the kids slid down.

Our dirty boy.

Horses in Mexico.  That fence is the border.

Gavin took these of Carter while we were driving.

The bees swarming our van.

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