Sunday, March 4, 2012

Back from Oklahoma

Blake and Gavin made it through the night sleeping in a tent in the back yard.  Although, Blake says that Gavin didn't make it because he went inside to use the bathroom.  I ran into an old friend from my Frisco church, Keli Moon, at Alycia's church.   She grew up in Stillwater and was just visiting too.  What a fun surprise.  Alycia made Cafe Rio Pork Salad for lunch.  Delicious!  We spent the rest of our time playing Rummikub.  Before our kids were in school and we didn't work or have other obligations, when we got together we would play games all day.  Rummikub, Racko, and Yatzee are our favorites.  Now we are so busy that we hardly have time for a few rounds.  Thanks for a great weekend, Alycia.  I need to go to Stillwater more often and enjoy the slower paced life.

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