Sunday, January 29, 2012

Still a Single Mom

Sam left on the 9th and was supposed to be home on the 27th, in time for Gavin's birthday party.  Unfortunately, they still need him in Tennessee and really are not sure when they are going to give him back to us.  I have switched from, "I can handle a few weeks alone" to "Are you kidding me? Six weeks by myself?  I am going crazy!!!"   Seriously, I may go crazy.  My friends have been really nice and try to help me out by offers to babysit.  The problem is that my kids are struggling going so long without their dad and I am seeing signs of separation anxiety.  Since they don't have Sam, I am trying not to leave them with sitters more that I have to.   Thank goodness Carter is in preschool, or I would have no time to myself.  Not only is it hard to be a single mom, but I really miss Sam.  As of now Sam doesn't have a return date, but it shouldn't be more than three more weeks.  Hopefully it will be sooner.

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