Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday Gavin

It is hard to believe that nine years have gone by since I held Gavin in my arms for the very first time.  The years have indeed passed and I have a burn on the back of my sofa, an iron melted carpet, and most recently Carter has shorter hair to prove it:)  Gavin is a sweet boy who is hysterical to listen to.  He is fascinated with the world around him and we all get to listen to his inventions and ideas.  We started off the day with a nine pancake.  Jenné, Jace, and I brought cookie to his class at school.  When he got home from school we had him finish his homework and practice the piano before opening his presents.  I know that sounds mean, but his gift hadn't arrived yet and I was praying it would get here on time.  It did come with five minutes left to go on the practicing.  His big gift from us was the pocket knife.  We ate dinner at Babe's where Gavin was able to eat his weight in mashed potatoes, his favorite food.  I made Gavin a marbled cake, which he requested.  We really missed Sam but have Uncle Jace and Aunt Jenné here really helped.
9 pancake

Cookies for his school class.

present time

Bear scout stuff.

from Aunt Nay and Uncle Jace

I love that face.  He had no idea he was getting it.

He did ask me if he could cut his food with it at Babe's.  I said no:)

Fried Chicken!

Gavin was very excited to flap his "wings" while we sang happy birthday.

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