Thursday, January 19, 2012

Family Fun Night

Gavin and Reneé were both recognized for participating in the reflections art contest at the PTA meeting. Renée was also recognized for being selected as a student of the month.  Renée lost both of her awards before we even left the school.  Luckily the art teacher found them and gave them to her in the school the next day.  Eagle Ridge Elementary had family fun night where we got to do activities in their fine arts, P.E., science, and computer classes.  My sister, Jenné is in the process of moving from Utah to Midland, TX to be a report.  She is staying we me during the transition and I am thrilled to have her here, especially since Sam's travel has taken him away from us for three straight weeks.
Reflections Award

Reflections Award

Student of the Month Ribbon

Rock On

The music room was a little loud.

The kids got to stack giant cubs in the gym.

We made masks in art.

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russ katie mia & george said...

carter's tee shirt is so sweet. i want it. where on earth did you get it? let me guess...disneyworld???