Saturday, January 7, 2012

Down Town Disney

We slept in after leaving Hollywood Studio's at 11pm the night before.  After a late breakfast and saying farewell to the Nelson's, we took the boat to Down Town Disney.  Gavin really wanted to spend his Christmas money at the Lego store.  After browsing a buying a few souvenirs, we headed back to the hotel to get on with our journey home.  We drove through the night, 17 hours, making it to our beds at 6am.  I was the driver taking a 5 hour energy drink at 11pm and then a sleeping pill when we got home.  I was awake briefly to eat the cheese omelet that Gavin made for me and brought me in bed, but slept in until 1pm.
On the riverboat.

Create your own t-shirt.

We took our picture here when we went to Down town Disney in 2005.

Gavin and a lego Buzz Lightyear.

This is a lego sea servant.

Renée and Sleeping Beauty.

Back on the boat.

Renée is very excited about her new legos.

Our van decked out with our Disney souvenir. 

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russ katie mia & george said...

it looks to me like you had a {most} magical trip. you make life so happy and fun for your kids. i'm inspired.