Friday, January 20, 2012

Science Museum, IMAX, Stock Show, and Ice Cream

Jenné and I picked up the kids from school 30 minutes early so we could head down to the city.  Our first stop was the science museum.  The kids showed Jenné all the fun things there to play with.  We also went to a dome IMAX move about the history of horse riding.  Renée loved it.  Jenné fell asleep.  I forgot that the Stock Show was going on and my museum membership got us in free.  We walked around looking at all the animals.  We had to be really careful where we stepped and Jenné had to be extra careful in her city flats.  We ate dinner at Braum's and of course had ice cream.   Gavin has been begging for a banana split and I finally gave in.  He couldn't eat it all, but he sure enjoyed trying.  We slept in until 9 the next day.
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Renée did not enjoy the smell of pigs.

Watching the sheep get sheered.

Banana Split

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